Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Hi Jammers! I'm sorry I couldn't post today. I had a rough sleep, so I couldn't wake up early. Then, later in the afternoon, I had 2 shots. In the evening, the cat next door scratched me and now I have huge hives on my skin. :T

Also, there was this one little kid at the park and she threw sand in my eyes and mouth. >:L

So, I've had a very rough day.

Also, I'm glad that I've gotten a few orders for the Animal Jam Portraits. I only have RainbowCat1's portrait finished. I will post it tomorrow. As of right now, no other orders will be finished with these poor, sore arms. >.< Ouch!

Also, there's a mimicry comment on the Portraits tab. It says, "whats your username thought? -nafaria9 to lazy to log in" Listen, peeps, I know that EKJAMA2000 or whoever put their username. I don't type like that, so that's NOT me.

I'm off to go play AJ. Bye.


  1. whats your password?
    to lazy to sign in

  2. Awesome! I can't wait to see it Nafaria! :D
    I hope u feel better soon! :D



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