Thursday, January 31, 2013

AJ Newspaper UPDATED!

Today I found a few things out in the AJ newspaper.
First, I found out that Tiger Pets are the member gift for February.
Second, I found out that you can print AJ valentines. I may do this for my friends. ^.^ Plus, there is a special code on each one! HAHA! COOL!
Third, I found out that there is a quiz you can take for a special Online Safety Plaque. Some questions can be tricky, in my opinion.
Fourth, I found out that a NEW ANIMAL is coming! Some people think it is a raccoon. What are your thoughts? You can also solve the puzzle for an extra hint....
Fifth, I found out that the usual clothes of the month will soon be out in stores.
Sixth, I found out about the Friendship Party, an upcoming party for friendly fun!
And last but not least....

I found out that Sky High, the game you can buy in the arcade, is for NON-MEMBERS now! This is really weird because of my new theory:
I believe Beta Days are coming back, and it is not only me. The famous "partyanimalzz" agrees. Here are some of my clues:

  • The bunnies, horses, koalas, and giraffes kinda look.... different.
  • There is a Beta wallpaper and flooring out in stores.
  • And the recent Sky High update....
And that's the whip.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I just barely noticed many people, even the non-members, have heart lockets. Where are these people get so many of them? I just got 2 from a recent trade. Let me know your thoughts. Thx!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snowballs and Spice and.... SCAMMERS!?

As you see, I have changed up this blog a lot. This blog will mainly be about AJ, while sometimes we'll add some pinches of Webkinz together when there are really important stuff to know. Anyway, there are some people in AJ that are called scammers. Scammers are people that trick you into trading stuff that you don't want traded. There are different ways to scam. Here are some that I know of (for now):

1. When someone yells, "WHOEVER SENDS ME A RARE FIRST GETS ___", do not fall for it. They will log off and run away with your rares.

2. Some people tell people to go to their den. There are items in certain corners of the den. The person will ask you to click on the items rapidly back and forth. Then they will trade you a non-rare for a rare on your list. Your mouse will be moving so fast it may click on accept. The scammer logs off and runs away.

And on Webkinz, you can participate in the Snowball Collection Challenge! Ask your friends for snowballs and win a great prize.

That's the whip for today!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Top Hats!!!

Hey, people! I've got some great news for AJ. Top hats have come out! They are in a cart in Canyons Pathway. Be sure to check it out... I got all colors ^.^ They may not be out forever, so get yours today!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


A new item in AJ is here! It has been a high-tech year so far, with the new tablets and phones. I have a kindle fire in real life and AJ! They have tablets for 900 gems in stores! Cool, right?

Webkinz also has a little surprise for us, as well! The Winterfest 2013 is here! Look for falling snowflakes to win prizes!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You don't see that everyday.

Okay! I know I already made a post, but I just need to share with you an AJ wolf parity! It's to the tune of Home by Phillip Phillips:
Hold on to me as we howl
As we track down this unfamiliar prowl
Although our noses are stringing us along
Just know your not alone
Cause I'm going to make this pack your home

Oooooooooooo Ooooooooo
Oooooooooooo Oooo

Settle down
It'll all be clear
Don't pay no mind to the phantoms
They fill you with fear
The trouble it may drag you down
If you get lost you can always be found
Just know your not alone
Cause I'm going to make this place your home

Ooooooooo Oooooo
Ooooooooo Ooooooo

(2nd verse repeats)

Ooooooooo Ooooooooo
Ooooooooo Oooooo
Aaaaaaaahhhh Aaaaaah
Aaaaaah Oooooo

You don't see that everyday.

Behind the Scenes of Cami's Frog

Hello, jammers! Ever wondered why the beta item Cami's Frog is named Cami? Well, it is based on a girl named Cami who had a type of cancer. Apparently, her father works for smartbomb. This is a company that helped create AJ. They decided to actually let out an item based on her. How sweet!
This is a photo of her actual stuffed plush frog. This inspired her dad.

 This is her when she was a baby. This just is plain sad....

This is the frog when it was for sale. Of course, in beta days!

And this is her playing Animal Jam herself in beta days. Her username is nouse20. You can go to her den and all....

That's the whip about Cami!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rares: Inside and Out

Hiya! I'm going to be posting a bit more often now, and may switch up this blog a bit, as I've mentioned. I'm going to share with you some more rares for both AJ and Webkinz that I own. As always, let the eldest go first!

Above is a picture of Nafaria's purple slippers, or "slips". They are very important to me and my favorite piece of clothing.

Shuts are popular rock star glasses and come with the rock star collection outfit. I own some from a Rockerz pet challenge.

This is an old version of the Wishing Well exclusive. I own this, of course.
 Now on to AJ. This is the collection of headdresses. I own the blue one. These are very popular, and everyone loves them.

This fox hat picture is kind of messed up, but since that bows and arrows came out for Jamaalidays again, everyone now wants these! This is a color I own.

 This is the cloud collection. These were member gifts when I became one. I own the rain cloud.

See ya later!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sneaky Peeky (And Aj Gloves!)

I'm going to show you real fast a sneaky peeky on the upcoming February 2013 pets. I forgot to say, Happy New Year.February Webkinz Cheats for 2013

Aren't they cute? I like the bunnies, turtle, puppy, and cow. The dog isn't as great. What colorful pets!

And, for a little pinch of AJ, I'm collecting gloves like crazy! Here are the pictures of them:

 Lava Gloves are very interesting. My favorite is the white.

 These are Mummy Gloves. I have the purple and white. I enjoy them both :).

 The Legendary Glove collection is a colorful one as well. I have the red, and I used to have a green, but traded it for a mummy glove.

This is an image of a Dragon Glove. I do not possess this color, but I am up for trading it for a white lava glove.

Non-members can have gloves as well. Here are some images:
 A variety of colors worn by different wolves, meaning not mine!

 Here is an image of when they were out in stores. I actually got a chance to grab a few for myself. :)

I want to share with you my glove story. I was in the Art Studio on my very few first days of playing, when I met some people. They shared with me a few information about gloves, and, for my very first clothing item and rare, they sent me a purple glove!!! How nice!

Well, I guess I'll post later! See ya!