Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Behind the Scenes of Cami's Frog

Hello, jammers! Ever wondered why the beta item Cami's Frog is named Cami? Well, it is based on a girl named Cami who had a type of cancer. Apparently, her father works for smartbomb. This is a company that helped create AJ. They decided to actually let out an item based on her. How sweet!
This is a photo of her actual stuffed plush frog. This inspired her dad.

 This is her when she was a baby. This just is plain sad....

This is the frog when it was for sale. Of course, in beta days!

And this is her playing Animal Jam herself in beta days. Her username is nouse20. You can go to her den and all....

That's the whip about Cami!



  1. This is so sweet and amazingly cute!~

  2. I LOVE Cami's story! I'm proud that she is doing Wild Explorers in AJ now! I'm trying to get Cami's frog, which is quite tough. If anyone has an unwanted one (which i highly doubt there will be), My username is Adash and i will love if you could give me it.
    -Adash ☺

  3. Im friends with cami

  4. I'm friends with Cami in Aj


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