Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sneaky Peeky (And Aj Gloves!)

I'm going to show you real fast a sneaky peeky on the upcoming February 2013 pets. I forgot to say, Happy New Year.February Webkinz Cheats for 2013

Aren't they cute? I like the bunnies, turtle, puppy, and cow. The dog isn't as great. What colorful pets!

And, for a little pinch of AJ, I'm collecting gloves like crazy! Here are the pictures of them:

 Lava Gloves are very interesting. My favorite is the white.

 These are Mummy Gloves. I have the purple and white. I enjoy them both :).

 The Legendary Glove collection is a colorful one as well. I have the red, and I used to have a green, but traded it for a mummy glove.

This is an image of a Dragon Glove. I do not possess this color, but I am up for trading it for a white lava glove.

Non-members can have gloves as well. Here are some images:
 A variety of colors worn by different wolves, meaning not mine!

 Here is an image of when they were out in stores. I actually got a chance to grab a few for myself. :)

I want to share with you my glove story. I was in the Art Studio on my very few first days of playing, when I met some people. They shared with me a few information about gloves, and, for my very first clothing item and rare, they sent me a purple glove!!! How nice!

Well, I guess I'll post later! See ya!

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