Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rares: Inside and Out

Hiya! I'm going to be posting a bit more often now, and may switch up this blog a bit, as I've mentioned. I'm going to share with you some more rares for both AJ and Webkinz that I own. As always, let the eldest go first!

Above is a picture of Nafaria's purple slippers, or "slips". They are very important to me and my favorite piece of clothing.

Shuts are popular rock star glasses and come with the rock star collection outfit. I own some from a Rockerz pet challenge.

This is an old version of the Wishing Well exclusive. I own this, of course.
 Now on to AJ. This is the collection of headdresses. I own the blue one. These are very popular, and everyone loves them.

This fox hat picture is kind of messed up, but since that bows and arrows came out for Jamaalidays again, everyone now wants these! This is a color I own.

 This is the cloud collection. These were member gifts when I became one. I own the rain cloud.

See ya later!

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