Thursday, January 30, 2014

Heart Path

Hi Jammers! I finally woke up.... early. I'm scared and dreading today, though. I have a big project due and I don't know if I accomplished it right. I'm really, really freaking out.

Anyway, today's new item is the nice Heart Path.

It's a cute item, but why is it Member-only? D: The only Friendship Festival item so far that NMs have is that dusty old Heart Mat in the Friendship Party. Some people think it's chocolate....but that mat doesn't exactly look great in dens. *sigh*
QTAngel made a weird glitch happen to me in my den. I wonder how she does it! It's that same one that all the famous people get, with the tigers and water and stuff.

It was very weird. O.o

This is a new graphic I found. :3

There's nothing on my mind I wanted to post about any further, so, ciao!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Heart Eyepatch

Hi Jammers! Enter my contest here, please.

Today's returning item for the Friendship Festival is the Heart Eyepatch.

It's not THAT great of an item, but it's perfect for those feminine pirates, I suppose. XD

*checks time*
I woke up at 6:55 am to post. -.- I could have waken up earlier but I'm such a lazy dog.

Speaking of dogs, what's your favorite domestic pet?
For dogs, mine would be a Cocker Spaniel and a Wheaten Terrier. :3

For kitties, well, I'd take a Siamese.

For hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, and all of those.... I'm just not interested in them as dogs, bunnies and cats. 

And a bunny would be black and I'd name him Snickers. ^.^

My 3rd grade class had a class pet bunny who was black and name was Snickers. It's so heartbreaking that he had to leave back to his farm... and I've never seen him again....

I also lost my CAMERA at the ZOO which had some of my most favorite videos and pictures on it! I was devastated and even now my silver camera is quite boring.

I have camera problems. Cameras don't like me, that's the thing.

O_O I've rambled enough for this post. Oh, and please view the new tab of Valentine's Crafts, next to the Home tab.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Friendship Party

Hello Jammers! VERY quick and mini post today, due to my unexpected "zzzzz". Well, you've all had experience with THAT... XD

Today's returning item is the Pink Chest!

Picture from Animal Jam Sky Blog, since I don't have the time to take a screenshot myself. I remember last year this was sold in the Friendship Party, right? Hmm.

Oh, duh! Well, apparently the Friendship Party 2014 is going on right now with some new items. I can't wait to see what lovely items AJHQ has piled up for this year's celebration!

Yesterday I put a tab up on crafts for Valentine's Day. I'm working on another one so the tab will be on hold until the 2nd project is ready to share.

Oh, and the invitation will be made as soon as possible, alike the contest. :3

Until we meet again.... adios!

Monday, January 27, 2014


Hi Jammers! Today's new item is the bubbly pair of Rare Flippers!

They're nice, although their color is unknown.... the name of it's on the tip of my tongue... ah, yes, BLUE! Never heard of blue? :P


We've got 50,000 Views! I'm so glad you guys have stayed with me all this way. :)

There will definitely be a contest with some pretty good prizes and hopefully a party. ^.^

On another note, I must ask-why does everyone think I'm quitting when I'm not? O.O Did I say that unnoticed? If I did, I want to assure you I am not leaving AJ, unlike some people.

Lately I've been really occupied with school and cultural activities, so I am sorry for not posting as early as I've hoped. 

Hey, I've gotta life-so I'll live it! Hehe, I love that quote.

Who's stuck on Valentine's to pass out? I'll be making a special page on fun crafts for Valentine's Day for those who are stumped on what to give. The crafts are easy and fun!

Since this is kind of a boring post that I bet 50% of you have snored through it, I'll end it now. I've got to go, anyway.

See ya later!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

This Has GOT To Stop

(Image from Sol Lucet in Jamaa)

Trust me, we don't want a phantom-hearted Jamaa.

Furry Hats and Greediness

Hi Jammers! I need a new catchphrase... badly. Any ideas? Today's new item is a Furry Hat!

They look a bit like they would in reality with the 3-D effects but overall it's a nice item!

Today I'd like to talk about something everyone should know and why it's wrong. Greediness. See, I first noticed this on Kinyonga's blog the other day, on her post for giving away her items. You had to put username, status, number, and reason as your entry form, and most peoples' reasons where stuff like:

I don't have a lot of rares like my friends, so it would be nice to have some!


Well, I'm not a very rare Jammer... so, ya, it would be awesome if I won ^-^

Ahem, you don't really NEED an item. You WANT it. There's a difference.

It's OKAY if you didn't mean to be greedy. But you should watch what you type, think, and say, because at least 75% of communication towards people come from our mouths (and fingers).

Being greedy means that you are continuously begging someone for things or stealing things. By being greedy you show an intense desire for something. Most of the time it's wealth, fame, or items in Jamaa.

It shouldn't BE that stuff! There shouldn't be greed at all!

If you want something, ask kindly and don't pester people with your wants. It can really annoy them, I'm warning you. I had to delete two buddies because every time they saw me they asked me, "What for spike? What for bow? What for this? What for that?" It bothered me so much I was forced to delete them. And so I did.


And you'll live a long life. :3

But, hey, you've got a life-so live it.

That is now the official blog quote. ^.^

Bye for now!

Friday, January 24, 2014

You Have a Life-Live It.

I really hate to say this, but, some of my friends/Jammers I admire are quitting. Yes, about four. All at the same time.

I was checking the Animal Jam Times for a new post, but all I saw was a post saying, "I'm quitting Animal Jam." At first I was shocked, then sad. Sadly she has to go, and nothing will stop her. I mean, everyone's gotta quit at sometime.

Then I saw there was a new post on the Animal Jam Nox. I read it, and it said "I'm quitting Animal Jam." I was like, "o_o TWO of my many favorite bloggers are quitting? This is chaotic!" Of course I was VERY bummed about Kinyonga and vms915 leaving. They are such great people.

Later on I got on AJ. My friend edwingrim2 was there, and I found out that she was quitting as well. I took a peek at her blog, and it explained everything. I was devastated! Why is everything bad coming now?

Because of this, it's possible my friend Fluffy might quit, too.

They've all quit for several reasons that I am absolutely OUTRAGED, INCENSED, and VEXED about. All synonyms of angry powered by Google.

Here are the reasons:

  • Too much drama with scamming and hacking. We've recently had a major hacker return to Jamaa bigger than ever. I still remember the day everything went haywire.... besides, why would ANYONE be so cold-hearted to wreck Animal Jam? I'm tired of it.
  • Even MORE drama with rares. Rares are what holds everything together in Jamaa, it seems. Take scamming/hacking for example. Without rares would be our game without scamming/hacking. Without rares there'd be nothing to work towards to. Without rares would barely be any players, except the ones that care additionally for AJ itself and not the items. Thinking about this just makes me sick. 
  • Reality. Jamaa is becoming too much like today. There's bad people and better people, greedy people and grateful people. The world will be like this for a while, believe me I know.
  • Last but not least restricted rights. OF COURSE we all know Animal Jam needs the money people pay for memberships! They need the money to pay their workers. They have families. But I don't see what's wrong with not putting at least a little, JUST A LITTLE more stuff for NMs! It appears to me that what AJ's been missing all this time is a mob of Martin Luther King Juniors (Americans... I think)! XD
See, these are the reasons. I want to put an end to this stuff. Jamaa needs a future-a future that is strong and won't collapse into darkness.

The world needs this too. Technology is growing. People are growing. Politics are growing. Money is growing. Earth is growing. The universe is growing. Everything is growing, and we should teach it all to shape their life into a good one.

We have a life-live it.

Pet Cabin

Hi Jammers! I'm so sorry for not posting! I really am. Today's new item is a Pet Cabin! Picture from AJ Sky Blog.

It's pretty cute!
Also, a lot of people I know are quitting. I'll explain when I have more tiiiiime.... like tomorrow. So, adios!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big Pine Trees and Dreams

I am SO, SO, SO sorry for not posting in the past day or two. I have been very busy lately. Yesterday I had swimming practice at 4:30-7:00 pm, and today I will be skiing. I have a lot of homework due soon.... and I need to get my booty on it!

Today's new item is a Big Pine Tree. GIF from Animal Jam Roar.
This tree reminds me of those crooked trees in Whoville (Dr. Suess). XD

Hmm..... last night I had a LONG nightmare that a miniature Fman got inside our house. He was in the form of a small rodent, like a house mouse, and no matter what cheese we fed him he just kept getting bigger. Then I finally made him a deal-if he'd stop hacking and leave my house, I'd promise to not say a word of his appearance to anyone else. (aka my blog). I THINK he accepted it.... but he returned with this doll and it was all getting weird.... thankfully I woke up.

That's the Whip.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tall Pine Tree

Hi Jammers! Today's new item is a Tall Pine Tree, sorry for no picture. My sleep has gone overboard ever since I was sick, so I'll try to get up. :P And that's also why my posts are so RUSHED. >.< Well, for a one-minute news, I changed up my fox to the Skiing Fox! :3 I'll post the outfit tomorrow. Skiing is so fun. It makes you look.... like a rebel. XD


Monday, January 20, 2014

Overflowing Rare Leg Armor

Hi Jammers! No school for me today-yippee! It's a holiday. ^.^ Anyway, today's RIM is the fantastic Rare Leg Armor!

I love how it's cheap (400 gems isn't that much compared to the other RIMs) and nature-y. :)

I'm looking at the Daily Explorer right now and I have to a little rant to confess.

I think AJHQ switches the authors for whenever they need a post to be done. I mean, if you read today's RIM post, whoever wrote it was probably not having a good day. Come on, people! We want fun posts to look at! Somebody needs to edit that post and make it longer so we don't start snoring at the first line! Sheesh!

Well, enough of that. Yeah, I know that they make money from this game, but they CAN be a little more bright. And this is JUST my opinion, so I don't care if you don't agree.

Y'all know the game Overflow, right?

It's my favorite minigame in AJ. <3

It used to have the coolest ocean music ever to the game! But now it has the Kimbara Outback music.

AJHQ switched Overflow's old music.... :,(

If you wish to hear Overflow's music from when I started AJ, here is the link:

There's not a whole lot to this debate on it's music, actually. 

So.... see ya!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snow Trail Shoes and Missing JAGS

Hi Jammers! I have very sad news to tell. :( Let's head on to the brighter news of the new item first, of course.

Today's new item is an adventurous pair of Snow Trail Shoes!

They're perfect for hiking up the isolated, snowy mountain of Mt. Shiveer!

I've heard and I'm thinking these winter sports-themed items are for the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014. Is anyone looking forward to those? :D I know I am.

I know I was born a few months after the Winter Olympics a few years ago. They were actually held in a city near where I live now. Cool!

For the sad news now.... *sigh*
I hate to say, some of my JAGs are missing. I've had special ones that haven't returned to Jamaa from Beta, and they're gone. Zap. Right outta the game. 

I'm very disappointed. I have letters from old friends who I haven't seen for years, and now their comfort has disappeared. I'm also aggravated that I now only have thank-yous from 2012, 2013, and 2014. 

You know, more and more of buddies have quit since then, and I think that their notes to me from the past got removed because they haven't been on in forever and a half.

How will I stop this? I WANT to keep my JAGS, AJ!!!!!!

Grr.... >:(

Well, to close the post and get working on an EXCITING new tab filled with photos with friends and good times, I have one last thing to say:


Friday, January 17, 2014

Can't Post

I'm sorry, guys. I have swimming tonight I won't be back until, like, 7:00 pm. Soooo sorry for any inconvenience I have caused, I just won't make it.

Swimming is something I'm not very much looking forward to....

Post Later

I'll post later. :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Giant Snowy Paw Print

Hello Jammers! (I really need a new greeting, any ideas?)  My fever is feeling somewhat better than it has in the past few days, so that's good for me. Today's new item is the marvelous Giant Snowy Paw Print!

It's pretty cool. :)

Here's a photo of my sketch of Mira. I had to have Nesquik, my Brown Cow Webkinz plush, hold it up for me. XD

Oh, and the koala is Beethoven, wearing my glasses. o3o

But, uh, anyway. :3

Ooh, yay! Today I get my Sherbet Bunny to welcome into my Webkinz cluster. :P

Just so you guys know, I have over 70 stuffed animals and 30 of them are up in my bed. O_O


Okay, ciao!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Heterochromia Animals

Heterochromia is an ocular condition when one iris is different than the other iris.

Lol, my Wiki-talk. :3

Okay, you get it, right? When one eye is differently colored than the other? Yep, you get it. :P

You can do this on Animal Jam! It's a fun craze right now that's super easy, unlike the other awesome craze with the miniaturized animals that SUPER hard because nobody will tell you how to do it.

This one is fun and simple!

All you do is:

1. Turn your animal to pure black. Tip: This works best on pandas. :3

2. Turn your animal's eyes to X's. They can be any color. Blue, green, purple-any light color besides red/white works great!

Here's a quick example:

3. Buy an eyepatch with a black outing. Place that on your animal.

Ta-da! You have 2 different colored eyeballs!

Yes... long post for such a simple trick. 


Ski Chair and Webkinz Deals

Hi Jammers! My fever is just growing worse and this is the second day I'm staying home from school-blech. Today's new item is the unexpected and epic Ski Lift Chair!

It's a bit human-y, but after all it WAS designed to be human-y. Otherwise it's very cool, if you like elevators, escalators, and chairlifts like I do. o3o

Here are some interesting graphics I've found:

If you use these please give me credit! :)

I've also been thinking about making another blllooogggg (blog)...... about Webkinz. :3

See, I'm getting a Sherbet Bunny plush on Thursday and I'm VERY excited for it. Sherbet Bunnies are very rare and cost a lot more than they would if they were in stores still. The one I got was about $21.95. No doubt about the price, the plush is retired!

There's also the very rare and exclusive Cheeky Cat, which is sold for over $100. The highest price I've seen is a Cheeky Cat and Dog duo for $200. That's a lot for only 2 Webkinz!

But, if you're an avid Webkinz Collector like me, the best place to go for CHEAP and I mean CHEAP Webkinz is Seagull Book. It's a store found in several cities near the Western United States, and Webkinz there are at the highest for only $3! And don't forget Mazin Hamsters for only $2. What a deal!

Actually, I think I got Popcorn (my poodle plush I got from Seagull Book) when the store was on sale... O.O

I dunno. :P

It's time to close the post. Bye!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Skiing Screens

*cough, cough* Hello Jammers. Yes, I have caught a fever. >.< My brother, lego45, needs to be less welcoming to the flu, because now all 3 kids are sick. Real great, lego. :I

Today's new item is some skis for your den.

They're pretty neat. I wonder what they'd look like on animals if they were a clothing item. XD

Since I have no other idea of what to talk about, let's talk about the change of Animal Jam's home screens.

Above is the first AJ home screen. Of course it was the home screen during Beta. :P

After a while the home screen changed to this screen. I love that cute frog on the Play Now button! I joined AJ while this was the home screen. 

Finally oceans came to Jamaa, and the home screen changed. When the oceans arrived I bought a dolphin and tried my best to make it look like the dolphin on this screen. :3 (picture from AJ Spirit)

This was the home screen when lions and giraffes wandered into Animal Jam. I think. o3o (picture from AJ Spirit)

Now to our home screen today. I wish there could be more home screens, because we've had this one for a while.

That's the whip! My head hurts now.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Grey Buddies

Hello Jammers! Today is Rare Item Monday, so the Rare today is some Rare Spartan Armor that supposedly goes with last week's Rare.

Eh, it's interesting.

Well, today I decided to talk about Grey Buddies.

When a buddy has not gotten on Animal Jam for, let's say, a month, their player card gets blacked out. For new Jammers, this is something you probably should learn.

Here is a list of buddies who have been blacked out:

5 buddies right there-boom. And all don't play AJ anymore. :(

They all were great friends, believe me. The sad part is the fact they were growing up and had to leave.

Yet I do know 3 of those people in real life! ^.^ So that's the good thing. :P Pinkrazor11, one of the three who I knew, she, well.... switched schools and never talked with me or any of my friends at all for an entire summer. :I Then she said she was moving and blah blah blah.....

She's been hiding in the midst of our shadows....

Enough of my babble-talk. This is what a blacked out card looks like:

Terrifying. The tiger looks all hunched up, like it's ready to pounce on you. O_O

If you've had this situation before and had no idea what the heck happened with poor ol' Joe, now you know. :)

Well, bye for now!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Snow Boots

Hi Jammers! I'm sorry for the late post. I slept in today, and it seems like my cold is gradually get worse. Blech!

Today's new item is a pair of Snow Boots!

They're pretty cute and great for hiking in Mt. Shiveer, but they seem to fit for younger Jammers

Huh.... there's not much to talk about. o_o


File:Kim 2010 Olympic FS.jpg

It's really fun. :3

Well, I've got to make a trip to the bathroom, so....


Friday, January 10, 2014


Hi Jammers! I have seen to come down with a slight cold, possibly a fever. I hope it doesn't grow to be a fever..... >.<

Anyway, today's new item is a pair of Ice Skates!

This item is very..... well....

  • Humany
  • Flat and not exactly 3-D  
  •  A DEN item, when it's supposed to be a pair of shoes. :I

In my opinion, they would make cool clothing items, but why place them in a den?

Okay, yadayadayadaya.

Ooh, I'm playing Best Dressed right now and the plastic reindeer glitch on crocodiles still works. :P

Random point-out.

Now, to the LESS random point-out....

Did you know some animals were Member before they became Non-Member?

Firstly the seal.

(Picture from Animal Jam Arrow)

Back in Beta, seals were for everyone. Actually, EVERYTHING was for everyone, including items.

But when Membership came to Beta, seals were switched to Member-only animals. The Non-Member Beta testers that had seals before they become Member-only still had access to their seal, so technically it was a Non-Member Member animal, and you still see those today.

Same thing with the rhinos and I think elephants. Giraffes arrived later on.

And this situation is why supermonkeys has the only Non-Member rhino. :3

Anyway, I believe 6 weeks after its change, the seal became available for everyone once again. And to this day--let the seals roam Jamaa! XD

Secondly the penguin.

(Picture from Animal Jam Arrow)

Yes, I remember when penguins came to Jamaa. They came as a Member-only animal. My great friend partyanimalzz was SOOOOO excited when AJ announced that penguins would become for all Jammers.

That day was a really great day. ^.^

We need more of those days! Grr...

And thirdly, the turtle!

(Picture from Google Images)

These swam into Animal Jam being for Members and Members only. After a few weeks or maybe a couple months, AJHQ made a spectacular update to their game and released these wonderful sea creatures for everybody. :3

I hope you enjoyed today's post. That's the Whip!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pet Owls and a Ripoff

Hi Jammers! I finally woke up this morning to post, with a stuffy nose and a spinning head. >.<

Today is update day! Yay! I wonder what updates we'll see. :D

Today's new item that is super epic for all Jammers is the AJ Wristband!

It's cool. ^.^

On to the Jamaa Journal now. Here is the welcoming page:

Awesome! I love owls. :) My favorite owl is the Spotted Owl. How about you?

And.... the Snow Fort den is back! I enjoy this den a lot. XD I better be prepared with snowballs for when I get visitors... >:D


Okay, the Greely Inferno Hard Mode is great! But the thing with the ice armor coming BACK? o.o

People PAID for Memberships JUST to get that armor. And when AJHQ told us they were going to ONLY be given during DECEMBER, some ding-dong decided to put our money down the drain and throw the ice armor everywhere.

Yes, it's a good way to give people a chance to get ice armor if they couldn't before. But don't you see that the ice armor is all MEMBER-ONLY?

AJHQ scammed us. Yes, you can call AJHQ scammers. >.<

I'm not all that upset that I'd pick up a chair and throw it out the window. That would be silly. AJ is just a game. But money isn't.

Oh, well....


Another blah about the owls, but take a peek at that amazing feather!

I wonder what it means. Some blogs think it's a new animal, most likely.... eagles?

I wonder what eagles would look like in Jamaa! AJHQ (-.-) should make some skies for birds to roam. Also of course eagles should be Non-Member.

What are your thoughts about today's update?

Comment them below. C:

See ya!