Thursday, January 30, 2014

Heart Path

Hi Jammers! I finally woke up.... early. I'm scared and dreading today, though. I have a big project due and I don't know if I accomplished it right. I'm really, really freaking out.

Anyway, today's new item is the nice Heart Path.

It's a cute item, but why is it Member-only? D: The only Friendship Festival item so far that NMs have is that dusty old Heart Mat in the Friendship Party. Some people think it's chocolate....but that mat doesn't exactly look great in dens. *sigh*
QTAngel made a weird glitch happen to me in my den. I wonder how she does it! It's that same one that all the famous people get, with the tigers and water and stuff.

It was very weird. O.o

This is a new graphic I found. :3

There's nothing on my mind I wanted to post about any further, so, ciao!


  1. we won jammer snaps! also xxrobinhoodxx did that glitch to rainbowcat1-cyacheer

  2. That glitch happened to me once, I was in an epic den and my tiger started floating, and a raccoon turned into a tiger even though he was still a raccoon on his player card, There were also floating water animals!

  3. Good luck on that project of yours! Plus, the graphic looks pawsome! Just phantastic ★☆★!

    And that glitch? Over my dead body, sweet!

    Jam on, Jammies ^-^! ~♥biamorawesome♥~


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