Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Stone Pit Fountain Den Tip

Stone Pit Fountain
This elegant and mystical fountain will bring some ambiance to your den!

What You Need:

Fountain Sprinkler
Stone Floor Den Portal

Place the fountain directly on top of the portal, and voila! It is optional whether or not you activate the portal, but I personally think it looks better deactivated. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Heart Jewelry Box Scam

Hey guys! Several days ago a Jammer named theshopking made a video on a new scam that's been going around Jamaa, and honestly, after doing a bit of research, this might not even be a real scam. Perhaps it's more of a simple misunderstanding.

So, apparently, a lot of people have been claiming that the heart jewelry box, which was released a year ago for the Friendship Festival in Jam Mart Furniture, is a really rare promo item that's worth a few black longs.

Some people have even been saying that they're worth HEADDRESSES.

Now, I'm not sure if this item is actually that rare, but since it's a seasonal item, there's a good chance that it will return to stores very soon.

Whatever the facts, one thing is for sure: this item does NOT come from a code, meaning it is NOT a promo item!

Well, that's all for today. Have any of you guys seen this ''scam'' in your travels on AJ? Leave your experiences with scams in the comments!


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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Thermometer Emoji?

Hi everyone! ^-^ Recently a fairly well-known Jammer named Alistairz posted a photo on his Instagram account of his sheep, but there's something a little bit odd about it.

The face has droopy eyes and a frown with a thermometer sticking out of its mouth, so you can easily assume that it's a sick emoji. However, the emoji isn't available in the emoji selection list.

So, is this a legitimate, unreleased emoji that Alistairz somehow has access to, or is this just a really good edit?

Alistairz claims that he, along with a bunch of other famous Jammers, were given this emoji as a gift from AJHQ. But if AJHQ really did give them that sick emoji, why did they do so? What is the purpose of that? Did they give them more than one emoji? Could we possibly receive a handful of new emojis in the next update, and the famous Jammers are just testing them out for now?

What do you think?

Thanks for reading, adios!

Friday, January 27, 2017

AJ Would You Rather Questions

Hey Jammers! Over the past few days, I've collected a variety of Animal Jam Would-You-Rather questions that I thought would be kind of fun to answer! Feel free to answer these questions as well in the comments or on your own blog. ^.^ Let's begin!

1. Would you rather be a rare non-member and cannot get membership or be a member with no rares at all?
I'd rather be a member without any rares. :)

2. Would you have unlimited diamonds or unlimited gems?
I'd rather have unlimited diamonds, because then I could just use my diamonds to purchase gems!

3. Would you rather be Aparri or WisteriaMoon?

4. Would you rather have no minigames or no adventures?
As much as I enjoy them, I think I'll have to go with no minigames. :c

5. Have 1 million gems or have one of every rare known to Animal Jam? (question credit to Feelers)
Hmm... I'd rather have one of every rare known to Animal Jam. :p

6. Would you rather work at AJHQ or become a famous Jammer?
I'd rather work at AJHQ. Working at AJHQ sounds like lots of fun!

7. Would you rather get hacked and lose all of your rares or get scammed and lose all of your rares?
I'd rather get scammed. I wouldn't want my hacker finding out even more information about me than he/she already has, so with a scammer it would be a lot more safe in my opinion.

Thanks for reading today's post! Bye!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Top Rares of the Past

Hi Jammers! I know I've done a couple of posts like this before, but today I decided to talk about a few items that were actually unbelievably rare in the past. Now, I'm not an expert, so if I get some information wrong, feel free to correct me with constructive criticism. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. :) Oh, and one more thing - I won't be naming ALL of the top rares of the early days of AJ. Just a few. ^.^

Let's get started!

The first one is the orange beard.

These were extremely valuable back then. Only a few people had it, and for some of the owners, this item brings back many flashbacks, good or bad. When the Forgotten Desert adventure was released, so was the orange beard, and it lost most of its rarity.

The next one is the top hat; all colors of the top hat, to be exact.

Ahh, yes, top hats. One of the most popular rare items in 2011. You can find lots of stories from people who owned top hats back in those days. Friendships were not only gained but lost over these items... :( Okay, enough sad talk. :P

When the limited time Hatapalooza stores came out in 2012, top hats lost much of their rarity. Some Jammers were thrilled to finally own their dream item, but others were quite disappointed of the top hats' re-release.

The final item I wanted to discuss today is the glove.

Gloves were first released in Jam Mart Clothing for a cheap price of 45 gems in 2010. When gloves went out of stores, they became very, very rare. People went CRAZY for gloves back then just as much as people nowadays go crazy for spikes!

Then, in 2011, the glove made two reappearances: one in Jam Mart Clothing, and another in the Shiveer Shoppe. Like the top hats and orange beards, when gloves were re-released into the game, there was a mixture of reactions from the public.

Gloves have also been released a couple of times as a RIM, too.

While gloves are currently not available in any store in Jamaa, you can get them from adventure chests, the Forgotten Desert, trading and gifting (obviously), and the Trading Party claw.

Gloves have always been my favorite clothing item, so that's why I sort of elaborated more on them. Hehe!

Well, that's it for today's post. What did you guys think? Do you want to see more of these kinds of informational item posts? What are your opinions on past rares vs. current rares?

See you later! Happy jamming!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Animal Jam Dress Up Closet Toy

Hello! ^.^ Jazwares recently released a new Animal Jam toy that is only currently available at Toys 'R Us. It's called the Dress Up Closet Playset.

It costs $17.99 plus shipping and handling on Toys 'R Us' website, and comes with two figurines and a fun vanity set, as well as a code for a virtual in-game prize. :)

What do you think of this new toy?

Monday, January 23, 2017

Secret Item in Winter Palace Den

Hi Jammers! I'm sure you already know what this post is going to be about, considering the past circumstances. In case you don't, almost every time a new update is released, AJHQ makes a new custom Epic Den that you can visit from the very top of the Epic Dens list. In that den is a secret shop that can only be opened if you click on the right item in the right place.

This time around, it's a shark couch sold for 750 gems and for members only!

You can find the shark couch near the bottom of the den. :)

Thanks for reading, bye!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Year's Fortune Dragon Indications

Very Cold

Getting Colder



Getting Warmer


Very Hot

The hotter you are, the closer you are to the red envelope!

Unreleased Items in Winter Palace Den

Hey Jammers! This post is actually going to be a follow-up of yesterday's post, so let's get started!

In AJHQ's special custom winter palace den, they've left a few unreleased items for us to examine. Here are a few that I was able to spot:

Pretty neat, right?

Thanks for reading guys! Bye!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Magenta Sheep Cloak!?

I think we can all agree that magenta has taken over Jamaa.

Disney Moana Outfits

Created by nafaria9

Hula Skirt
Rare Turquoise Necklace

Created by nafaria9

Fang Necklace
Leaf Skirt

Friday, January 20, 2017


Hi guys! Guess what? It seems that Greely has sent a message in a bottle to us, because look what washed up in Crystal Sands today!

Click on the gift box in the corner to receive a special sheep cloak item that is for ALL JAMMERS today only! :D

Year of the Rooster Party Tour

Hello! ^.^ Today is the day that American becomes ''great'' again...

And today is also the day that I will be giving you guys a tour of the Year of the Rooster party, a new party that is just for people with rooster pets!

To be honest, not much has changed from last year's Year of the Monkey party, or Chinese New Year party, as I should say. The layout is basically the same. However, there are some new rooster items in the shop!

I personally like the rooster balloons. XD

What is your favorite part about this party?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jamaa Journal VOL. 190: Sheep Are Here!

Hey Jammers! Welcome back to the AJW! Today is an update day, so let's hop right into the Jamaa Journal.

Sheep are here! Yay! They're sold in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds, as suspected, and for members only. Sorry non-members! :(

Also, they've been officially confirmed the authors of those messages in the bottles, even though we've all known that for a while now. :P

Pet roosters are here just in time for the year of the rooster, as well as an awesome new party exclusive to pet roosters!

Wow! A new seasonal adventure!? Awesome! :D I can't wait to test it out!

The Friendship Festival will be coming soon to Jamaa as January comes to a close and February opens up its doors.

Dolphins are now on their travels, and penguins are still half off!

And finally, an ad about the AJ boxes.

How would you rate this update?

Thanks for reading, see ya next time!

Winter Den Design Entries