Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Mean Green Owl

Once upon a time, Naffy was feeling bored. Upon request by her siblings (and her brother's friend), she decided to stroll around Jamaa Township to look for something to do, when suddenly she heard the doorbell noise ring. Someone was in her den!

It was a mint green owl. She was sitting on Naffy's elegant red couch on the top floor. When Naffy politely asked, "What are you doing here?", the owl somehow lost her temper and started screaming in rage.

Below are a few of the things she said.

Apparently, Naffy is not as ''majestically pretty'' as the owl, and she is fat with poop. Interesting...

Naffy's day was no longer boring, and she had something to laugh and joke about for the remainder of her time spent on Animal Jam for that day.



  1. omg its Lillyann clone 39487537126!!!!!1!111111

    why do these people exist


  2. lol,
    sometimes it's funny, when someone is mad at you for no reason,
    like the people that tried to trade you STORE BROUGHT ITEMS, for a really rare thing, and they say
    "This store stink! i'm leaving"
    and then they wait for you to say something, I just said
    then they make a mad face and leave! ;D

  3. Oh my gosh... *shakes head* People these days. xD

  4. Once a deer came into my den and he said you stink.but IRL I took a shower and I'm like no man I just took a shower.we had a enemy relationship and I reported him for targeting me and trying to insult me.I did take a shower too lol


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