Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hello 2017 + 2016 Q&A

2016 is now over, folks! While 2016 was definitely a great year for the community and the blog, it's time to make way for 2017.

As a little 2017 gift, the 2016 Q&A video has finally been uploaded! ^.^

Enjoy!! :D


  1. Nice new blog template naffy! You always make the best:) Happy new year!!

  2. Do you have your own youtube channel?

  3. Naffy I am doing an giveaway on my blog wanna enter?

  4. Lol Naffy my opinion is green spikes rock and lemurs are adorable lol were polar opposites.

  5. Ahhh yay I was in vid oh yeah but you didn't say I was countrelieable101 but whatever yay_talonflame80841 ps. I'm a girl

  6. Wow your voice is AMAZING! P.S. I am very sorry for not being here in awhile.... :( ~Nyny56


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