Monday, January 16, 2017

The Evolution of the Medical Center

Hi Jammers! In today's post, we are going to be talking about the iconic medical center and how it's changed over the past several years.

Personally, I think that the medical center is actually a pretty useless building. There's not much you can do, other than purchase a few doctor items and learn a couple of facts about how you can save wildlife and preserve the planet. The original medical center was even more pointless than that.

Nevertheless, the medical center exists, and it's still slightly interesting to discuss.

Image fomcaj

The very first medical center opened during the beta days. It was a small wooden hut with a straw rooftop, as shown in the picture above. A total of four green plusses was visible on the door, sign, and on two of the fairly small assortment of crates and boxes surrounding the entrance.

The inside of the building looked like this:

Image result for medical center animal jam

The place wasn't exactly what one would call neat and tidy, but it's all we had back then to ''perform'' our ''medical procedures''. What's always caught my attention are the two big spiky chainshaws resting against the wall over there... o.o I mean, if the animals were the ones who created these chainsaws and the rest of the many nicknacks in the room, they did a rather decent job, I suppose...


This version of the medical center disappeared from the game in 2011, and I believe it was because of the inappropriate behavior going on in the room. Then, when the Sol Arcade was released, the pillow room took the old medical center's place to make some space for it.

But that's not the end of the medical center's story, because as well all know, when the Kimbara Outback was released in 2013, it made a dramatic return.

Image result for medical center animal jam kimbara outback

Related image

It was more of a western saloon look on the outside, but on the inside... wow! It had two floors, a table for coloring pages and printables, animal facts, and even a shop!

This version of the medical center lasted for a pretty long time - a little over three years, to be exact. Then, in a fall update in 2016, the medical center got a small makeover and was renamed to ''Gabby's Animal Hospital''. The only thing that really kind of changed was the top floor.

And the fact that perhaps the infamous chainsaws from the beta days are making a modern comeback...


Thanks for reading Jammers. Goodbye!


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  2. (Looks at title) WHAT'S THIS? THE AJ MEDICAL CENTER IS EVOLVING congratulations your medical center evolved


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