Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Animal Jam Dress Up Closet Toy

Hello! ^.^ Jazwares recently released a new Animal Jam toy that is only currently available at Toys 'R Us. It's called the Dress Up Closet Playset.

It costs $17.99 plus shipping and handling on Toys 'R Us' website, and comes with two figurines and a fun vanity set, as well as a code for a virtual in-game prize. :)

What do you think of this new toy?


  1. it's cool, but I have noticed the Animal Jam toys are rather cheaply made.

  2. Hey, this isn't really related to the topic of this post, but have you, or anyone else noticed a random New Jammer on your buddy list. It's closer to the top, and they were online yesterday. I was able to follow them, and trade with them and stuff. My brother was able to unbuddy this New Jammer. Both my brothers have this guy, and when I asked around, everyone else did too. I just wanted to see if anyone had it too, :) Nice post, by the way.

    1. O.O That is so freaky... I have a New Jammer close to the top.

      Question, is it's otter's name Rosy Sunnyscout?

    2. Yeah.. This jammer is on my list too.. and i dont ever recall getting a request. If this person is buddies with everyone, with no explanation whatsoever.. they could be the next Fman122. A serious hacker could be on the loose. Not trying to create any stories, but I think that if this jammer is your buddy with no explanation, delete them. I don't want anyone to loose their items. (Not trying to offend NewJammer!!!) (Not trying to make up stories!!!)

    3. I haven't seen anything like that yet, but if I do I'll keep a sharp eye on it.

    4. if you look at the sticker that shows it opened,all the animals at the bottom are unreleased animals
      a goat,owl,octopus,and crocodile

    5. sorry,i forgot my username

  3. I'd really like this, but I don't really have anywhere to put it and I wouldn't exactly want it on display.

    all I want is a snow leopard that doesn't come with an annoying den thing I'd have to shove away lol
    I really want them to make something that's not as girly. Surely AJHQ is aware that boys play their game too? Like wut


    1. Yeah, that would be kind of nice, wouldn't it?


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