Thursday, January 12, 2017

Two New Magenta Items

Hello Jammers! Today we are going to be discussing two new magenta items that have popped up in Jamaa.

The first is a pair of magenta candy cane socks.

The second is a pair of magenta cat ears, as modeled by this arctic fox:

Both of these items are extremely rare.

Wow, these past few months have definitely been quite the time for the magenta color. Wouldn't you agree?

That's all I have for today. Happy jamming!

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  1. Magenta items are starting to annoy me. Sure, theyre rare, but its also really hard to make an outfit with them (since they're one color). Not only that, but there is so many magenta items being glitched into the game, that older ones don't really feel special. It also just means rare hoarders will try to get them, and when they do they'll act all stuck up. IDK, im just kinda sick of magenta items.


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