Saturday, January 7, 2017

Unreleased Items in the Snow Fort Den


Every once in a while, AJHQ decorates a little den of their own and puts it on the top of the Epic Dens list for all to visit. Sometimes, there are a few unreleased items that AJHQ sneaks in. Here are some that I've spotted in the snow fort den:

There's a cool Liza plushie, an arctic wolf ice sculpture, a snow code stand, and a sailor seal plushie that I think I've seen somewhere before, but I'm not sure...

Which is your favorite item out of these four? :)

Thanks for reading, have a great day! ^.^

Image result for animal jam nafaria9 siganture


  1. Omg
    What if the Liza plushie and seal plushie are from a future line of AJ plush toys :0


  2. Click below the arctic wolf and a shop will appear

  3. And click the machine and you will get a snow cone

  4. Typo! You said code instead of cone! :D

  5. I like the Artic Wolf ice sculpture. That would be an awesome item for Jamaalidays. -akmlynx ^.^


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