Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jamaa Journal VOL. 190: Sheep Are Here!

Hey Jammers! Welcome back to the AJW! Today is an update day, so let's hop right into the Jamaa Journal.

Sheep are here! Yay! They're sold in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds, as suspected, and for members only. Sorry non-members! :(

Also, they've been officially confirmed the authors of those messages in the bottles, even though we've all known that for a while now. :P

Pet roosters are here just in time for the year of the rooster, as well as an awesome new party exclusive to pet roosters!

Wow! A new seasonal adventure!? Awesome! :D I can't wait to test it out!

The Friendship Festival will be coming soon to Jamaa as January comes to a close and February opens up its doors.

Dolphins are now on their travels, and penguins are still half off!

And finally, an ad about the AJ boxes.

How would you rate this update?

Thanks for reading, see ya next time!


  1. Naffy! I found the secret item in AJHQ's den! Go down, then right and look for a shark couch! Then click!! :D

  2. 8/10 I really like the adventure, and the sheep are awesome. Mech helmets look a bit dark on them though

  3. Ok Kraft update review
    1.I like them but as always probably will rarely use mine
    2. Do I even need to say what I think here?
    It's a chicken.
    *screams happily*
    3. Oh yay another seasonal adventure how fun
    4,5,6. I don't really care

    I give update 11/10 because chickens



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