Saturday, December 1, 2018


violet86271 - long pink spiked collar
Spacekatlvr154 - long purple spiked wrist
Tigersjustice - baby palm tree, venus fly trap
Moshisquid - sweet treats wallpaper
Bluebellover - epic fox plushie
Banksyy - green gecko plushie
Nekowaffle - howl plaque
Tractorkid415 - blue shag carpet
sarahkey8 - purple fancy chest, worn blanket
Chalvine - artist plaque
Dirschi - purple paw rug
Yipyapseal - artist plaque
Avacadoee - green paw rug
Koiking - artist plaque
pokemonygal - yellow paw rug
Magicold38 - sewing machine, party hat
Geniuslife - rocking horse
Catdog22668 - sewing machine
1Wish1 - owl messenger statue
Rockfallz - green phantom statue
Iwantcookiesis - red short spiked wristband
UnicornGirl896 - sewing machine, icy mira statue
Caramelcaracal - magenta top hat
elizaboo1104 - orange long spiked collar
malibusky - claw machine
Nerdofdimonds - orange and red painted pot
pnnt2121 - brown beard
Stellamonkey09 - rare arctic hood
Ajwolf333jv - red phantom statue
Oceanboy98 - books
Forestbunny54 - sewing machine
Lavenderlilac07 - rare gazelle horns
Donutsnpizza - red long spiked wristband
mooopy - trapped phantoms
Technoglyph - purple long spiked wristband
tig47498 - headdress
iiLLiL - scarecrow
magicbb12 - blue small table
sundapplestar - basket of candy
NeonKnight13 - blue solid top hat
Ceow - purple pigtail wig
hirohamadabh6 - purple mech angel helmet
xøxwolvesxøx - red viking hat
Henrythegreat4 - purple long spiked wristband
julieblap - brown viking helmet
onu - large painted pot
Melbot05 - pink long spiked wristband
forevergreen4 - blue long spiked wrist
sidDe - red long spiked wrist
legind - red short collar
animaljamloveruwu - blue short spiked collar
buttermuffin - purple short spiked collar

I will be on Animal Jam more often during the week, so please feel free to stop by my den so I can trade you your prizes (since I am a non-member). Thanks!!