Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blogger How-To #5: Snow Effect

Alert! Alert! A snowstorm is blowing in on your blog. To truly winterize your webpage, go to Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript and copy and paste this code into the text box:

cript src=""></script><a href="" target="_blank">Spice Up Your Blog Snow Effect</a>

Weekly Items #12

Pictures from the Animal Jam Flash.








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Lucky Party

Friday, February 27, 2015


Good job, everyone! We just barely ticked 320,000 views. Ya know what that means...?

A PARTY! ^.^

Oh, and a fashion show! :D But that will wait until the current contest is over.

Thanks for all you guys do. I really, really appreciate it. c:

Meanwhile, please nominate more and more people! Feed me nominations! xD

See ya guys later!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Funny Fridays

From now on, most (not every - most) Fridays will be "Funny Fridays", where I post a funny picture or video of Animal Jam. Some of the media won't be mine, so I'll make sure to give credit for those. :3

This week's Funny Friday is coming early because I won't have time to make one tomorrow. It's my sister's birthday, and well, you know how big of a celebration it is. xP

Anyway, here ya go!

This was made by me, so if you use it, please give credit! ^.^


Bye. owo

Lucky Party

Hello. Ugh. I have stupid swim team today! >:( I like swim team in the summer because you come 
home after taking a shower and you feel all fresh inside. Swim team in the winter is just. . . blech.

Anyway, if you log on Animal Jam today, the Jamaa Journal will pop up right before your eyes. Warning: it might BLIND you because it's so full of new things to explore!

JUST KIDDING! AJHQ has disappointed us once again with another useless update. Everything is the same from last week, except for the new Lucky Party. As a matter of fact, the Lucky Party is the same, too. :T

To be honest, I like the Lucky Party a little bit.

But I certainly don't appreciate the return of the dull and boring Alpha home screen. Let's just hope AJHQ's artists come up with something more creative than this. >.<

I don't mean to be so negative, but I have a lot of pet peeves. One of them is laziness.

See, when I'm older, I don't want to be 38 and still sit around as if I were a couch potato. (Not that I'm already a couch potato. o.e)

I want to have a job, a house, a car, and a family.

Welp, see ya later!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How To Draw: Animal Jam Edition

Hallo! c:

There are many Animal Jam apps you can install on your external devices. Wait - there's only two, and a third along the way: Tunnel Town, AJ Jump, and Play Wild (to be released in April). o.0 Nevermind! xP

Unfortunately, it's been a couple years since the last Animal Jam app was released. So, what can we do to keep ourselves occupied and keep in touch with Animal Jam at the same time?

Introducing How To Draw: Animal Jam Edition!

With this handy-dandy app, you can learn how to draw characters from Animal Jam. How awesome is that? :D

Sure, it costs three bucks. But take a look at the reviews! It seems to me like everyone is enjoying it. It's even a 5-star app!

Whadaya say? =3

Download the app today! xD

Monday, February 23, 2015

2011 and 2015 Comparisons

Bonjour! ^.^ Comment ca va?

Researching Animal Jam's Beta Testing period is actually prety fun. You can spot tons of differences between now and back then!

One thing I noticed while researching is how people dressed.

Here are some outfits from 2010, 2011, and possibly some part of 2012 that I randomly found on the Internet:

I love Sheesh's look! I remember when I started Animal Jam. Sheesh was one of my role models, believe it or not. I always admired her unique fashion. :P
Agh... I never liked silverstein. Mean ol' scammer, ya know. >:(
Haha. Hi there, Mel! XD
As you can see, a lot of these Jammers are wearing things like leaf necklaces and viking hats. Not too many Jammers wear those things anymore. :c

Now, here are some outfits from 2013 right up until this very day:

Are you seeing a lot of spiked collars and worns? Maybe a pair of sunglasses or two?

Why is there such an immense change in dress from the time Animal Jam began all the way to this exact moment?

It's because rares change over time.

During 2010-2011, leaf necklaces were extremely rare and sought after. So were elf bracelets, royal blankets, flags, and gloves. Ooooh, people went MAD for gloves -  and I mean MAD.

Nowadays, spiked collars and wristbands are extremely sought after (but I wouldn't really call them "rare" because it seems like everybody has one), as well as headdresses, New Year's Party Hats, Founder's Hats, 'n stuff.

I wonder what items will be rare in the next three years or so. 'Cause when rarity changes, outfits change, too!

Have a grrrrrrreat day!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Graphics

Contest Results Posted!

There are a few new things you can check around the blog: a new howl topic, and the contest results have been posted! :)

Blogger How-To #4: Scrolling Text

To add a scrolling text to your blog, go to Layout > Add A Gadget > HTML/JavaScript and copy and paste this code into the text box:

<marquee>YOUR TEXT HERE</marquee>

Enjoy your scrolling text! :)

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