Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zodiac Horoscopes and Animals

February 19th is the official beginning of Chinese New Year. The Chinese have a special calendar called "the Chinese Zodiac Calendar". Zodiac is a collection of twelve constellations around our big and beautiful sun. As months go by, the Zodiac group rotates, shifting summer constellations into fall constellations, fall constellations into winter constellations, and so forth.

According to the Zodiac Calendar, each year has its own little animal as a symbol. Whichever animal belongs to the year you were born in is your Zodiac Animal. Check the chart below to figure out which animal you are!

I was born in 2002, so my Zodiac Animal would be...

... the horsey! ^.^

I forgot to mention that each animal has its own horoscope. For example, if you were born in the year of rat (like my sister), your horoscope might say you're honest, hard-working, charming, and possibly a bit selfish at times.

My horoscope tells me I am cheerful, popular, agile, flexible, open-minded, talkative, witty, and earthly. Most of that is actually true!

But I can also be fickle, rude, gullible, stubborn, and childish. Yes, that is indeed also true. xD

To find out what horoscope you have, you could either search it up on your browser, or enter in your birth date at Chicken Smoothie and it will automatically tell you.

Have fun experimenting with your horoscope and Zodiac Animal! :)


  1. Ok, according to CS, I am... wise, graceful, calm, mystic, creative, responsible, and shrewd. I can be a loner, bad communicator, possessive, and distrustful. That doesn't match with my personality at all. XD

  2. I'm a sheep! But for the other Zodiac thing I'm a Capricorn! :D

    1. People get it mixed up.

      It's actually the goat year. Not sheep.

    2. Actually, it has not been proven whether it's a goat or a ram
      It is proven that it isnt a sheep tho (because on the drawings there were horns or something)


    3. LOL

      idk why this comment amuses me so much

      oh wait, I do know why- heh, heh. >:3

  3. I am the monkey O3O XD :3

  4. I am a magistical sheep. Thoguh isn't the sheep usually a ram?

  5. I'm a sheep! It says that I'm righteous, honest, shy, artistic, creative, gentle, generous, understanding. And I can be moody, a worrier, a complainer, and or too soft. My older bro is a dragon, my sister is a snake and my younger bro is a rooster. X3


    1. Guys, who cares if it's a goat or a sheep or a ram? Just as long as we know which is which, it's fine.

  6. Lol I'm The Snake O_O
    :waits for the haters: "AMG TACU I GOSSED U WUD BEH A SNAKE"

  7. My brother and I are horses, just like you nafi! Even though I was born in 2003, I was born in January, so it's still 2002 in China. My little sister is a dog.-cyacheer

  8. I'm so old I don't know what I am!


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