Thursday, February 5, 2015

Owls Are Here!

Hey Jammers! We've got quite a big update today, so listen up!

You heard it - owls are here, in the Diamond Shop, of course! They're so cute and chubby! :)

I have some bad news about the arrival of the owls, though, but I'll save it for later.

Anyway, I was customizing my owl, Little Tinyowl, and look what I saw:

The default color for the pattern is the secret glitched raspberry!

I never thought this rare color would return. If you purchase an owl, you might want to think about keeping that unique and special raspberry tint. :3

It looks like the Pizza Parlor won the votes! Congratulations, pizza parlor. :p If you didn't vote for the pizza parlor, I bet the other two themes will come out in stores someday.

In the Chamber of Knowledge, you can read a short minibook all about owls. ^.^ You can also take a peek at the facts and videos on display at the Conservation Museum to learn more about flying animals.

Safer Internet Day is coming up! Maybe I could post a few Internet safety tips . . . or blogging tips. Whatever. xD

"Wild Explorers" is my favorite show? o.o Wow, I never knew. x3 Cami (yes, THE Cami), was on the last episode. I wonder what she has to say on this episode!

Special Delivery has sure gotten a lot of Jammers' attention, because over 65,00,000 Valentine's were delivered. Great job!

That's all for now! Bye. :)


  1. I doubt that AJHQ will ever release another nm animal. Or even a member animal that is sold in gems. *sighs*

  2. I really wished that owls would turn out to be non-member, too bad for me... DX By the way, what's the bad news...?


  3. All who think the pizza palor won because of FNAF say I.

    1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i dunt like fnaf it is creepy and btw I!

    2. I honestly wanted the results in this order:

      Deep Space ( I always likes astronomy as a kid, I have this weird unacheivable dream)

      Paint Studio

      Pizza Palor
      I DO NOT SUPPORT FNAF ON AJ. I saw this guy screaming to watch the trailer and I got people to ignore him. I mean seriously what if like a 5 year old saw that? Wait I take back the 5 year old part. The 2nd graders in my school like worship FNAF. I am not kidding all they talk about is FNAF. So 6 grade+ yell at them to stop. I just sit there quitely and finish my math homework.

    3. I tried playing fnaf
      Its so boring omg
      My friend showed me assassins creed
      I have to get a play station just to get that game ahqhevdcxqbqhaha

  4. Yay! the rare color is out :D and the owls are so tiny! :3 oh and fomar, i should so make a FNAF pizza parlor XD
    -tiggy (lol i kept messing up trying to spell tiggy XD)

    1. Chances are if AJ had a contest for a new den were we drawl what we want (they did that before) we'd wind up with an FNAF den. Clothing contest like that: at least one FNAF item. Animal contest? Say hello to Freddy or another FNAF character.

  5. The owls. Are so small, cute fat and chubby!


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