Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rare Poop Comic

I kind of got the main idea from Mythy and Pinky during the summer, so credit to them for the whole scheme. xD


  1. XD Rare poop.
    Wait. How does an animal wear it?! O.O

  2. Omg. So true, people are like that.


  3. Oh i remember joking around with pinky like this ahahahhahahahahh

  4. HAH! It's funny because it's TRUE!!!


  5. Haha! :P And when you sent me the Bubbletron as a contest prize, I accepted the gift but it isn't in my inventory. :T What happened? Did I do something wrong, or did it just glitch?

  6. Oh wait- never mind. :P I didn't look in my underwater inventory. Yikes, I am such a pea-brain. XD

  7. Omg so true XD
    PS. There is a new welcome thing for when you first make an account! You should post about it.


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