Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! :) This has been the 11th Valentine's Day I've been alive for ever since I was born. How 'bout you? :P

Valentine's Day is all about spreading the love.

Anyway, I'm going to bombard you with quotes about true friends, because what better time to bombard you with friendship quotes than on Valentine's Day? Heh, heh.

^.^ Very true and inspiring.

Well, it's time for me to announce the official winner of the Friendship Movement challenge. Since it's Valentine's Day, I will no longer be counting anymore bracelets, but that doesn't mean you have to stop giving them!

Our ending total was 192 bracelets. That's FABULOUS!

With an ending total of 43 bracelets, xxfrostcatxx wins the challenge!

Congratulations, Frosty! :D

Now, for the prize. It's one of the greatest gifts you could ever behold, Frosty, so please listen up.

My prize to you... happiness.

Happiness is one of the main purposes of our lives. Sure, there are a few others, but happiness is what keeps us going.

And what better way to make yourself happy than by making others happy?

And what better time than Valentine's Day, even though everyday is a good day?

In fact, for every single one of you who participated in this contest, you receive happiness, too. When you sent or traded those bracelets away with a compliment or two, did you feel warm inside?

If you just did the challenge for the prize (which wasn't a virtual rare like I bet a lot of you were expecting), you probably didn't feel warm inside.

The Friendship Movement was to encourage you to show a little kindness.

Because today is Valentine's Day, wear a smile. Maybe someone else will notice your beautiful smile, and will start smiling too. :)


  1. Happy valentines day ;)
    Happy singles awareness day
    Happy divorce day
    Happy jealousy day
    Happy heartbreak day
    Happy cheating day
    Happy meaningless day
    Happy saturday
    Happy 14th day of February
    Happy birthday to whoever has their birthday today
    Happy death day to those who died on the 14th of February
    Happy suicide day to those who killed themselves due to a heartbreak
    Happy valentines day ;)

    Is it really that much of a beautiful day? Is it just a heartbreak day? Is there more to the 14th of february then romantic love? Is there a dark side to the red roses and the blue violets?

    1. My one grandma died on Vday and my other got hurt really bad which, along with the nursing home eventually killed her. I don't like Valentine's Day ever since my grandma died something bad always happens. Right now we're in the middle of a snowstorm and will probably loose trees and power.

    2. It depends on the way you see it... And I'm really sorry about that Fomar :(

    3. I know how you feel.
      My sister died two days after one of my friend's birthday, so it's kind of the same

    4. I'm really sorry about that Mythy :(

    5. I am also so sorry to hear that, you two. I can't really connect to Fomar's (my sunt's birthday is actually today), but to Mythyyy's I do. My grandfather (well, he was like my grandfather but not blood-related, ya..) died a few hours before my brother's birthday. Ya... :(

      But oh my gosh, I feel so, so, so sorry for you guys! That must've been so devastating! :'(

      (Now I'll stop typing on this comment, so it doesn't get too long...)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'm excited for the party today, I bet naffy did a great job! See ya there!


  3. That is very awesome! I loved your Friendship Movment, sorry I couldn't particapait though. Also, your eleven too? I thought you were older, because you sure are mature.

    1. No, I'm not eleven. I'm currently twelve and I'm turning thirteen in less than two months or so.

    2. I am 11. :P And I love the prize for the Friendship Movement- it was certainly a surprise, but I am not upset that there was no rare for a prize. :) Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! :D

    3. I'm 11 so I guess 10 years of valentines for me? I was born on New Years Eve! (December 31st)

    4. I'm turning thirteen in a few months so I guess 12

    5. I'm 11, turning 12 in April. :D


  4. "Roses are red,
    Violets are blue..."

    Some poems always start out like that. I wonder who started it...


    1. We had to write a poem like that in English. This was mine

      Lilies are white
      Orchids are pink
      I'm terrible at love poems I think

  5. I'm 11 so 10 years of valentines days for me!

  6. Happy valentines day and good job frosty!! :D :D

  7. Happy Valentine's day everyone! My dad got me and my mom roses and stuffed animals and cards for us today :D We'll eat a special dinner later and have cake! :D

  8. For me, this'll be my 13th Valentine's Day of me being alive. X3

    PS: Is it just for me, or does anyone else see on one of the quote pictures, "WARNING: DO NOT HOTLINK IMAGES AND STEAL BABDWITH. TO LEARN MORE VISIT". Um what 0.0


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