Monday, February 16, 2015

Games = Games

Several (okay, most) of the games in Animal Jam are just different versions of games in the real world. So, I've made a list of some in-game minigames that correspond to real world games and apps. Can you think of any others?

Swoopy Eagle = Flappy Bird
Mira Says = Simon Says
Gem Ball = Pinball
Pill Bugs = Pinball (as well)
Phantom's Treasure = I Spy
Hedgehog = Pac-Man
Gembreaker = Bubble Witch Saga (right?)
Fruit Slinger = Angry Birds
Double Up = Memory
Sky High = Doodle Jump

Also, there will be a new howl topic up shortly. And be sure to check the contest blog for a contest in honor of 310,000 views! Bye Jammers!

(Thanks for the awesome new signatures, Panda! ^.^)


  1. Yay! Congrats on 310,000 views!

  2. Huh- I never realized that! I only noticed the Flappy Bird-Swoopy Eagle similarity. And congrats on the views! Happy you like the signatures. :)

  3. So many rip-offs. OuO


  4. Congrats on so many views!! :D :D and i knew swoopy eagle was like flappy bird but i never knew about the others.

  5. Bubble witch saga is one of my favorite games XD

  6. I made a post sometime last year about all the knockoff games, I'll repost the list here
    •Swoopy Eagle - Flappy Bird (they practically admitted that in one of those AJHQ message things)

    •Mira Says - This is also a knockoff but I forgot what the original game is called

    • Phantom's Treasure - ISpy (it's a bit of a stretch to call this one a knockoff but it kind of is)
    Gem Ball - Plinko (thanks nafaria9)

    •Hedge Hog - Pac Man

    •Eat 'Em Up - Feeding Frenzy

    •Phantom Fighter - Space Invaders

    •Overflow - I think it's called Tubes?
    •Fruit Slinger - Anger Birds (Angry Birds is actually a knockoff in itself)

    • Gem Breaker - Bubble Pop (this game has so many names and knockoffs, I don't blame AJ for this one)

    • Sky High - Doodle Jump (or whichever one of those jumpy games came first)

    Honorable mentions:
    • Pest Control - Typical tower defense game but that's a genre so it doesn't count as a knockoff but it's still unoriginal

    • All the buddy games (other than Scooped as far as I know) - I guess these aren't exactly knockoffs, just straight up copies

    •Double Up - Memory Match (I don't know if memory match is even claimed by anyone)

    •Best Dressed - While not a knockoff it was sort of copied from fashion shows people hold in their dens

  7. Does anyone have blue gingerbread wings? I have been asking but people were like ''Oh I was just trying to trick you'', they ran away or they came but then were like ''oh I don't have them/know what they are'' or they tried to scam... :c
    Anyone have them?

  8. *** Oh and- I saw most of those games were knock-offs, I didn't know some of them though :3
    ,Mainly because I don't even play bubble witch saga xD

  9. I realised these, and a lot of these, I have played. Like, Feeding Frenzy for our Om Nom Nom, Overflow, well, there's a game on National Geographic Kids that, as well, made the same: Pipes.

    I don't think most of them were ripped off from recent games as for the old ones (as in Sky High, I mean, I think it was released first?)

    There's Sky High in the NatGeo Kids site too.

    There's a lot I can't recall now.

    1. Doodle jump was released wayyyyyyyyyyyy before animal jam itself was released

    2. Ok, well, there's other games similar to Doodle Jump too, right?

  10. Kewl! You added the Whippers of the World thingy?


    1. Yep! But now it's at the bottom of the blog because the map was too big. ;p


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