Monday, February 9, 2015

Posting Suggestions

I need posting ideas. Every other blog I know (well, most blogs) only post updates like new items and DE posts, and honestly, that stuff is kind of getting boring. We need more blogs to post different things like rarity scans or codes or graphics or whatever. I don't want to be a "this is the new item its 5000000 gemz bai guyz" blog, because we already have enough of those.

Anyway, what are your suggestions for posts? It can't be anything too big, of course, because it'll probably be too time-consuming.

By the way, here is a little graphic I made of a Wild Explorer Badge.

Well, I guess it's back to my cupboard below the stairs on Privet Drive . . .


  1. :rubs chin: Hmm... you could post some funny aj videos, thats all i have :(

  2. Hmm you could post about something and at the end of the post, you could put a puzzle or mini word search for ppl to solve. Idk

  3. Stories! I have found great fun in making Animal Jam stories!

    And I think this blog needs some authors, even daily posts can be freshened with new authors.

    1. I tried to do that before. Remember? I can't have authors for certain reasons. I don't really want any authors, anyway.

  4. This is the problem I have. What I tried to do is make "series" like the Item History thing I do

  5. I post the new item and like I do daily fun things with the item post. Maybe you could do like glitches? Or like a question of the day. Or scammer/hacker of the day? Make funny ️AJ gifs? A weekly shout out to a friend? You could make some art or drawings and post it? And even more! Also what's the thing you use to make some of your signatures? I don't know the site name all I know is that it has word in it!

    1. I have a glitches page full of glitches . . .

      I have a howls page where you can answer the question in your opinion . . .

      I try to stay out of hacking/scamming situations to be safe . . .

      GIFs might work, but I'm not an expert at them . . .

      Maybe shout-outs to friends, but I don't really like to have a "schedule" because I'm already too rushed with my life . . .

      Drawings are fun to do . . .

      "Of the Day" things aren't my favorite because then I feel too obligated. But the other ideas you gave sound nice!

      I use to make my signatures.

  6. You could start doing den ideas! Like, restaurant den, public zoo, etc. or even just ideas like how to make a heart with pillows! :)

  7. omG NAFfy is actually HArrypotter!!!1!1!!!!

  8. Maybe try making different series (like Meloetta said) with animal facts, den tips, clothing tips, blogging tips etc. Or perhaps (like Lexey said) have word searches (there are a bunch of websites that have word search generators) or puzzles (like the unscrambles and the Phantom-Jamaa thing). You could make a comic strip if you have the time as well! :)

    1. There are clothing tips in the Costume Corner and den designing tips (even though I'm a horrible den designer) on the Epic Dens page. I like the puzzles idea, but I'm not sure how I'd be able to do that... Also, I am a terrible comedian. :P I'll do my best. Just so you guys know, I am going through a lot of stress to make this blog interesting for you people >.<

    2. I understand. School AND blogging can be a huge stress. >.<

  9. Hmm...Ooh! Maybe the funny quote of the day! :P

    -Fam <3

  10. How about you do outfits and den ideas for special holidays and the seasons changing.


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