Friday, February 28, 2014

Cosmo Dolls

Hi Jammers! Super quick post today. This is today's new item, the Nesting Cosmo Doll. Cosmo's face looks, say, a little cuter and baby-ish than his real look. O.O Pic from AJ Sky Blog. My apologies for the bad post!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

EtherealComet's Party

It'll be fun!


Hello, Nafi here driving away from an awesome outdoor mall! For my sister's birthday, we went to a cheesecake restaurant. After, we went to the Disney Store, which I got a funny Doc McStuffin's plush... :3

Isn't he the cutest!?

Happy Birthday!

Hi Jammers! Sorry, I have a short post today. Today's new item is a Clover Necklace, sold in Bahari Bargains. No pic.

The main idea of this post is to say Happy Birthday to my little sister dolphin91051! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! XD

For her birthday we're heading down to this outdoor mall with cool shops and restaurants. Yummy!

Soooo.... yeah. Bai!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


When you lie to your parents, you lose privileges. When you lie to your friends, well, you lose them. Whenever you feel an urge to lie, choose. Who should you lie to? Should you lie at all? I lie at times, we all do.  But what will you get in return? The loss of friendship, or the loss of privileges? Which is more important to you?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Emerald Ring Scammers

Hi Jammers! I had a weird dream that I found a yeti in a cave, and he offered me a snack of goulash. O_o

Today's new item is an Emerald Ring!

I like how it's a pretty color and sparkly, but the price and the fact it's Member-only just throws it off.

Anyway, a few weeks or days ago my friend skydrain7 mentioned several things about our 3 suspects Epic, Apology, and King. Oh, and don't forget 7, another friend of Epic and Apology.

It turns out that Apology is ACTUALLY DECLARANTS, a pretty famous scammer. I've heard of him before, but I don't know him as well as, say, bkeot. :P

I believe he also said something about Epic and King, that they hack and scam? o.o I don't remember. 7 was also a scammer and hacker or whatevs.... Give me a refresher, Sky!

Lastly he noted that NorthernKing is a 56-year-old who plays games just to make kids sad. How cruel! Remember when he spent ALL DAY with his buddy northernqueen on the bridge in Crystal Sands!? HE HAS A LIFE, IT'S GONNA END SOON, WHY DOESN'T HE LIVE IT!?

I totally am confused with that dude.

Before I leave to get ready for school, I will update the blog list. I haven't updated it yet-sorry!

(@Mythy-your header was beautiful! I plan to use it for May's header. Okie dokey?)


Monday, February 24, 2014


Hi Jammers! I owe all of you an explanation for the current events and things going around on the blog. There's no need to do a regular post, because by now I'm sure you all know the daily announcements. :P

Let's start off with Mythy's idea on saving big cats. I will put up a poll on approved usernames-then we can all place our opinion in by entering the poll. The winning username will be the one for the account. If you feel unsafe with using an account that all the Whippers will be using, no need to fret. ^.^ You can help big cats all the time, just by donating gems on your own personal accounts.

Also, the password for that account will be something related to the blog, like AJWHIP or something. All clear?

Okay. Now, the second thing I'd like to talk about is the mysterious person back-talking about the blog. I recently discovered that this person surprisingly is my old friend puppiesluvpancakes. She hasn't exactly been telling lies. Miscievious was just mistaken. Puppies has a blog called The Animal Jam Hangout, and on one of her posts she said, "Sadly my friend nafaria9 deleted her blog.... The Animal Jam Whip will be missed."

May I explain this error?

Alright. Back in November, I accidentally deleted the Animal Jam Whip. No, the BLOGGER account was deleted. I was worried about what everyone would think. Each day I got about 6 JAGs, and I LITERALLY HATED telling everyone about the horrible situation. Mainly because I sent out like 3 clarification JAGs to assure everybody it was just some technical difficulties.

Fortunately I got my blogs back! :D So AJ Whip is here to stay.

Puppies had been confused when she posted that. Puppies is a good person and would never mean to say unkindly words about my blog.

Last of all, three quick tidbits:

The blog background will be changing soon. I've got most of it sorted out, already. :3

We're almost to 60,000 views!!!! ALREADY!!! We just need about 3,000 more views! I bet that before summer starts we will be over 100,000 views!

I have decided to no longer post in the mornings on school days. On days that I am on breaks or weekends, I will do my best to post as early as I can along with getting a good sleep. :) Sadly, on Mondays, Fridays, and Thursdays, I don't believe I will be posting until late-later. Okie dokie?

I hope you guys and girls understand a bit more now. Sorry for such a confuzzlement!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Eagles Soar

Hi Jammers! >.< I realize now I haven't posted since WEDNESDAY. That's just great.... :(

Well, I'm pretty sure by now you know about the EAGLES! Pictures from AJ Roar.

I had thought they'd be for NMs. -sigh- I guess I was wrong. Luckily I had about 20 diamonds saved up, so I have an eagle now! ^.^ The hardest part about my eagle is that I can't find a good look for it. DX But I love flying around in places never imagined! :D

Pet Tigers are back, too. They're pretty... cute, actually! :3 And I think that one column on unexplored areas we've covered already.

A new game!? Cool! I must try that out! Wait a second.... isn't this game too much in relation to the popular app FLAPPY BIRD!?

For those of you who are like, "Where has Nafaria been!? WHAT THE HECK IS FLAPPY BIRD!?" Flappy Bird was a VERY popular game for tablets. You have to help the Flappy Bird get passed pipes, and my high score was 0. It was too difficult, so the game was forced to be deleted. And deleted it was. Swoopy Eagle is just as hard-except now my high score is 4. XD

Flappy Bird logo.jpg

Anyway, as for the chat column, at least now we can type a little more. But we WANT our FREE CHAT BACK! COMPLETELY!
A diamond advertisement for gift certificates....

You absolutely MUST see the new Fowl Play video! It's funny. 030 Also see the new stuff in the Diamond Shop! Some of it is for NMs, like the Snow Cloud and Rain Cloud! Although I'm sad about the Dragon Gloves, because I had some contest prizes that were Dragon Gloves...

That's all I have time for today. Remember, sign up below on Mythy's Big Cat Fundraiser by commenting! We will work it out on Monday.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

*clears throat*

I'm sure excited to posting about this crime scene happening. *sarcasm*

Okay, so I'm not sure that this is happening, or if it was meant to be or anything. But this has GOT to stop.

Someone has been telling lies to my friend, miscievious123123. Not just any lies-lies about the Animal Jam Whip.

Whoever is doing this has been bad-talking about my blog. They say that the Whip is closing down, I'm quitting for good, and these other horrible stuff I can't remember.

The question is, I have for that shadowy person out there, is:

WHY are you doing this!?

Do you hate me? Are you jealous of me? Do you really wish for the AJ Whip to close down? Do you want me to quit and leave? Are you trying to grab attention? Are you trying to hurt me in a way, trying to make me feel self-conscious about my blog?

Whatever the reason is, please STOP. You're doing nothing but upsetting my friends and I. Even if you say things about me that I NEVER EVER said, you won't get any closer to destroying my reputation here as an AJ Blogger. Do you understand?

I know you're out there. Miscievious speaks of trust and truth, just like every other good Jammer that comments and views my blog. (cyacheer, surf4life123, partyanimalzz, MythCat2907, skydrain7, scree53, scree35, edwingrim2, FluffiestSlug, airlec02, numnum13, EtherealComet, etc.)

I guarantee that if you come out of your hiding place with an apology, I'm sure I'll take a liking into you. :)

Mythy's Idea

Okay, so you know about this donation central in the Musuem in Appondale?
I was thinking that we could ALL make ONE account called something like: Wehelptheendangeredones or Wildcatslikecakeswithwhip. So we all play games on it and earn gems, and the password is known by us only (something like: AJWHIPROCKS). But we HAVE to swear to NEVER spend the gems on anything else. Of course, our animal (preferably a tiger cause we're donating to big cats XD) can have a few clothes like a friendship braclet and a freedom helmet, but not more. Eventually a den with a few items in it.
Obviously, the point is to help endangered animals. If you volunteer for this action, please reply to this comment! :D

MythCat2907 made a cool idea about how to save big cats! Please reply!

Parka Science

Hi Jammers! I am feeling very happy, because today was my school's Science Fair, and I won 1st Place! :D But things get even better-I found out I'm competing in the District Science Fair! :3

So... yeah.

Today's new item is the slightly tight, but scruffy and fluffy Parka!

(GIF from Animal Jam Spirit)

Also, I think eagles will be coming tomorrow! We can only wait and see. If eagles DO come, maybe it will give me a boost in taking more interest into Animal Jam.

Here's a tip I learned during my science project with heat. When you buy a coat for the winter, you should purchase a dark-colored one, not a light-colored one. Black and dark colors absorb heat, so if you wanna stay warm, wear dark clothing. It's opposite with light colors, as they don't absorb heat. If you prefer being cooled down like in the summer, then wear neon or bright colors. ^.^

Ooh, and also, make sure your coat is made out of good insulators to keep you warm and cozy. You can look up those good materials for insulating. While on the opposite side, things called good conductors let in heat, so you don't want those...

See, that's why parkas aren't made of metal (a good conductor). :P

Enough of my rambling! Ciao!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Curly Cherries

Ni Hao Jammers! :) Happy President's Day! Today's new items are the Cherry Tree and the Rare Curly Wig.

The wig is too over-pricey for me. Not to mention it's an odd looking item in my opinion.

Aha! Now I prefer this one much better. If only it were NM... then we could all enjoy its part in a beautiful February scenery.

Onto another topic now....


I sort of want another author for this blog, but like I always say whenever someone asks me about authors, I just can't have any other authors besides me. It's because my mom's email is the email connected to my Blogger account. I don't have my own email. I might get one soon, but I don't really CARE for one-besides, even if I got one, I could only use it for talking with friends I know in real life.

So that's the scheme on authors.

Bye until tomorrow!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bwah *.*

Hi guys! For those of you who went to the party, thank you. ^.^ It was a nice half hour. I wished for it to last longer, but I had some science fair stuff to complete. That party was fun but sloppy, and there were many ways for it to have been better. >.<

It's okay if you didn't come! You didn't really miss anything BIG and EXCITING. Don't you hate it when homework gets in the way? Oh, well.

Yeah... and no awesome pictures of the party, either! >:O What am I gonna do!?

-sigh- Ciao...

Curly Wigs Party

Hi Jammers! Are you excited for today, if you are coming to the party? I understand it's a bit early for some of you, but I have a lot of homework to get done today.

Today's returning item, which is for the upcoming holiday President's Day, is the Curly Wig!

It's an awfully strange hairdo.... I wonder if it resembles George Washington, without the bow? o.o

Today is the PART-AY! :D Heh, like I said before...

On the taking a break topic... everyone needs a small break, right? And nobody can stop me from doing it. But I guess I will stay for a little while longer, just until I get REALLLLY bored.

That's all for now-try to be there! :)


Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! ^.^

Happy Valentine's Day, my fellow Jammers. :) Today's new item-I mean TWO new items-are the pawsome Friendship Necklaces, which you can give out to your friends!

I am very happy they're NM, too!

My best apologies for the lack and sloppiness of posting lately. It's just that, well.... AJ's getting boring for me. I have to FORCE myself to log on AJ. I have to FORCE myself to post. After a while it gets a little run-down. I hate to break it to everyone, but I may be taking a break soon.

AJHQ has been very weird lately. This is a message found from Pumaa.

I snorted at this. XD But WHY do we have to march around Mira wearing scarves and ties? I'm sure Mira thinks that's nuts, and she wouldn't prefer a bunch of crazy people stomping around her... o-o

What has the world come to?


It will be VERY fun. :3

See ya!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rings and Necklaces

Hullo, Jammers! Today's been a grouchy day for me...

Today's returning item is the plain Heart Necklace.

I don't really care for this item. How about you?

Don't forget the party in a few days:

I might be giving away a few small prizes there, so come at your own please. ^.^

I will be updating a few pages on the blog after I'm done posting. If you haven't noticed, the Fun Stuf page was removed and set to draft because I am editing it. Also, the Graphics page will be edited too. :)

My friend numnum13 found a weird item yesterday.

A silver ring? Labeled rare? No new color, or higher price? SOLD ON A TUESDAY!? Weird. This glitch was removed from the game, though... silly AJHQ. :P

That's all I have for today, so, um, bye.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Heart Chocolates

Hi Jammers! Today's festive returning item is the box of Heart Chocolates.

I've always liked this item! They're good prank-poop (disgusting, right? lol) and delicious too!

Grr.. I'm playing Chicken Smoothie right now, and the Pound is open, with nothing left but some measly sets of pets. >.<

Well, anyway, I made a few animal silhouttes pertaining to my new favorite movie, the Lego Movie! ^.^

Vitruvius! XD AJ needs to make staffs one day so he can have his staff. He's got that green cape you can slightly see in the picture, and the yellow blind eyes... :3

Unikitty, a personal favorite of mine! She's more rainbow-y than she appears.

Wyldstyle! She needs her hoodie, to complete the funky chic girl. :P

Last but not least the hero of the show, EMMET! There's not much detail on the outside to this normal dude-until you really get to meet him. (That's by going to the theater and SEEING THE MOVIE! Durrrr.)

But yeah... o3o

So, see you later alligators.

Don't forget to stop by the party!

Monday, February 10, 2014


Hi Jammers! Today's RIM is the NON-MEMBER, kind-of-boring-blue Rare Friendship Bracelet for a an expensive price of 850 gems.

It's a high priced, like I said before, kind-of-boring blue, like I said before, but it's Non-Member, which is great! I suppose AJHQ really IS trying to help out the NMs.

Hey! Wait a second...

I have a theory now, of WHY AJHQ is being nice to NMs. Now, it would be AMAZING if AJHQ is just being nice to be nice, but there could be other numerous reasons why. Maybe it's for the Friendship Festival? Who knows.

But I DO have a guess! Okay, so everyone knows how Kinyonga quit a couple weeks ago, right? Well, you know how one of her reasons why she quit was because of NM unfairness? For one thing, I know AJHQ visited Kinyonga's blog, so they must have been sad when she quit because Kiny was one of AJHQ's favorite Jammers. (snowyclaw, Pumaa, etc. are all examples of AJHQ favs) They decided to lure back Kinyonga by making more NM rights.

I believe this could be the answer to our mystery....
Why is AJHQ making things for NMs all a sudden? I mean, I LOVE THIS!! But I also miss Kinyonga! What can we do, dear Whippers, if my theory is correct?

Perhaps they'll make EAGLES NM! I really do wish so.

Aah! I've got to go to swim team. *groan* Oh, I almost forgot. Another reminder for the party this weekend! It'll be VERY fun!

I just want to thank all of you for being such wonderful commenters and viewers. ^.^


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Everything Is Awesome

"Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're apart of the team!"

XD Hi Jammers! Last night partyanimalzz and I went to go see the HILARIOUS and epic show of the new Lego Movie! It's so worth it! :D

Here's the trailer:

Today's new item is a pair of Cupid Wings, found in the Jam Mart Clothing, along with a returning item, the unpopular Heart Antennae Headbands.

Also there's a Heart Rug in Sunken Treasures.

I took that from my storage account. 

With the new update, some NMs have Member-only items in their den!

It's really cool! I wonder what AJ will do about these glitches lately. Firstly they removed that "editing den" glitch, and they still have two more glitches to fix. Unless the Member item glitch isn't harmful and they decide to leave it, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

An invitation reminder:

That's the Whip today! Happy Whipping!