Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Heart Chocolates

Hi Jammers! Today's festive returning item is the box of Heart Chocolates.

I've always liked this item! They're good prank-poop (disgusting, right? lol) and delicious too!

Grr.. I'm playing Chicken Smoothie right now, and the Pound is open, with nothing left but some measly sets of pets. >.<

Well, anyway, I made a few animal silhouttes pertaining to my new favorite movie, the Lego Movie! ^.^

Vitruvius! XD AJ needs to make staffs one day so he can have his staff. He's got that green cape you can slightly see in the picture, and the yellow blind eyes... :3

Unikitty, a personal favorite of mine! She's more rainbow-y than she appears.

Wyldstyle! She needs her hoodie, to complete the funky chic girl. :P

Last but not least the hero of the show, EMMET! There's not much detail on the outside to this normal dude-until you really get to meet him. (That's by going to the theater and SEEING THE MOVIE! Durrrr.)

But yeah... o3o

So, see you later alligators.

Don't forget to stop by the party!


  1. Weird... a few months before the Lego Movie was released I made my own pokemon named Unicat O.o

  2. Cool! :D I haven't seen the Lego Movie, but it looks neat!
    (My favorite movie is FROZEN! :3)
    And I like you dressing up your animals like the characters! XD

    1. -Ties a carrot to nose and talks in a hugely derpy voice-
      HIII I'M OLAF!!!
      Lol Olaf was my favorite character in Frozen. XD

    2. fuzzheadlola (or is it) dun-dun-dun!! XDFebruary 12, 2014 at 6:27 AM

      i love Olaf too
      "Hi I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!"

  3. X3 I also enjoyed Frozen alot!
    My fav' movie is Castle in the Sky, the first ever movie of Hayao Miyazaki (da one who makes most of da movies in Studio Ghibli).

    MythKitten who might become NeonCupiiiies

  4. Prank poop? I exploded with laughter when I saw that.


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