Wednesday, February 26, 2014


When you lie to your parents, you lose privileges. When you lie to your friends, well, you lose them. Whenever you feel an urge to lie, choose. Who should you lie to? Should you lie at all? I lie at times, we all do.  But what will you get in return? The loss of friendship, or the loss of privileges? Which is more important to you?


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    So apparently I am suspended on MythCat2907 for a day. WOW. It says that I'm suspended on the 27/02/2014, but uh SERIOUSLY AJHQ? I wasn't even on yesterday/today -.-
    You can even check if you're my buddy :T
    So AJHQ is screwing everything up and suspending an innocent kitty cat who only scammed once (and that was an accident, Imma explain it in next comment) and letting the criminals on the loose. WOW. AJHQ. You are the BEST virtual "police" ever. :T
    So now I am on Stiller, it's this second account I have ever made, feel free to buddy me, and if I'm suspended for some random reason on MythCat2907 AGAIN then I'll be on Stiller.
    Note: I was already suspended 3 times before, 1st time because of personal info (I was trying to give a buddy my AJ email though that was over 2 years ago), 2nd because I got scammed of one of my rares (before I was hacked 2nd time), and 3rd because I said @$$ whole to a scammer ^.^


    1. Oh yeah and the 2nd time well I got scammed and like the dude who scammed me actually managed to suspend me. WOW. He told me that he told AJHQ that I scammed his telescope (he sent one to me just for me to get suspended .-.) and yeah.


  3. 'Kay so about that accidently scamming thing.
    I had NO IDEA who Julian2 was before September 2013, and so I had no idea WHATSOEVER was this Fast Flash.
    So I just randomly followed a buddy, and there I saw a bunch of people trading, and eventually this person traded me:
    item x + item y
    my item x
    So yeah I thought it was some gifting party so I just accepted and I was like OMG THX SO MUCH!!
    And everyone was thinking I was being mean though I wasn't (I didn't realize it), and then that dude who traded me asked for their items back, I was like "Why you gave it to me!" and then they eventually explained to me what Fast Flash was and so I gave the items back with an apology gift :)


  4. Well, friendship of course

  5. Friendship is the key to life. Be a nice ol' pal to your own pals and you'll smile............ forever :)


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