Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! ^.^

Happy Valentine's Day, my fellow Jammers. :) Today's new item-I mean TWO new items-are the pawsome Friendship Necklaces, which you can give out to your friends!

I am very happy they're NM, too!

My best apologies for the lack and sloppiness of posting lately. It's just that, well.... AJ's getting boring for me. I have to FORCE myself to log on AJ. I have to FORCE myself to post. After a while it gets a little run-down. I hate to break it to everyone, but I may be taking a break soon.

AJHQ has been very weird lately. This is a message found from Pumaa.

I snorted at this. XD But WHY do we have to march around Mira wearing scarves and ties? I'm sure Mira thinks that's nuts, and she wouldn't prefer a bunch of crazy people stomping around her... o-o

What has the world come to?


It will be VERY fun. :3

See ya!


  1. :(.. AJ is getting bored for me too. Still I won't quit for any dumb reason or anything. I guess I will keep playing AJ XP

  2. awww i have to wake up before 8 if i wanna make it to the party :(
    - rascalcat who is in a very bad mood

    1. #stupidgentiftgatshowyouwriteit

      Well Im not sure if I will make it, cuz we will be going to this city next to Brussels (where I live Idc if Im giving personal info away -.-)...


  3. I understand if it's getting boring, it is a little, well, boring.
    And I just realized this; I can't come to the party tomorrow, I have a Girl Scout Meeting! D: Oh well.

  4. That's kinda early for me I don't think I'll be there DX Aj is getting boring... but today I was in jamaa whering a bat mask saying I was Bat Man CD it was really fun! ~ DogLover1230~

  5. I MIGHT be there, but I'm not off of Mountain Time. I'll just leave the AJW open......
    -Camp2014 (May become Bramblekit006 if I fear of getting hacked......)

  6. Yup... AJ is getting pretty boring, 'you know? I might stop playing Animal Jam. I don't know.



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