Monday, February 24, 2014


Hi Jammers! I owe all of you an explanation for the current events and things going around on the blog. There's no need to do a regular post, because by now I'm sure you all know the daily announcements. :P

Let's start off with Mythy's idea on saving big cats. I will put up a poll on approved usernames-then we can all place our opinion in by entering the poll. The winning username will be the one for the account. If you feel unsafe with using an account that all the Whippers will be using, no need to fret. ^.^ You can help big cats all the time, just by donating gems on your own personal accounts.

Also, the password for that account will be something related to the blog, like AJWHIP or something. All clear?

Okay. Now, the second thing I'd like to talk about is the mysterious person back-talking about the blog. I recently discovered that this person surprisingly is my old friend puppiesluvpancakes. She hasn't exactly been telling lies. Miscievious was just mistaken. Puppies has a blog called The Animal Jam Hangout, and on one of her posts she said, "Sadly my friend nafaria9 deleted her blog.... The Animal Jam Whip will be missed."

May I explain this error?

Alright. Back in November, I accidentally deleted the Animal Jam Whip. No, the BLOGGER account was deleted. I was worried about what everyone would think. Each day I got about 6 JAGs, and I LITERALLY HATED telling everyone about the horrible situation. Mainly because I sent out like 3 clarification JAGs to assure everybody it was just some technical difficulties.

Fortunately I got my blogs back! :D So AJ Whip is here to stay.

Puppies had been confused when she posted that. Puppies is a good person and would never mean to say unkindly words about my blog.

Last of all, three quick tidbits:

The blog background will be changing soon. I've got most of it sorted out, already. :3

We're almost to 60,000 views!!!! ALREADY!!! We just need about 3,000 more views! I bet that before summer starts we will be over 100,000 views!

I have decided to no longer post in the mornings on school days. On days that I am on breaks or weekends, I will do my best to post as early as I can along with getting a good sleep. :) Sadly, on Mondays, Fridays, and Thursdays, I don't believe I will be posting until late-later. Okie dokie?

I hope you guys and girls understand a bit more now. Sorry for such a confuzzlement!



  1. Just 3,000! My blog has 6,000! Well, I suppose that is just by readers. If I counted my own pageviews... It would be up to the moon. XD

    And can we submit ideas for usernames?

    :smiles hopefully:

  2. Meh you didn't use the banner I made for you ;o;
    I guess you'll make creative names BUT DON'T MAKE A USA DATS mythyhaznusweg >:O XD


  3. Hi nafaria!

    Sorry for all the confuzzlement! I didn't mean for it to happen.

    But pupies was not the only jammer. A jammer with pink and purple polaka dots told me about this. She said that nafaria9 was quitting and that she was happy. I was like WHAT? Your happy!. I could nto click on her username fast enough. I have been tryoing to find her, but i have had no sucsess.



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