Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Good Reasons to Delete People

Hi Jammers! The results of the contest have been posted, if you wish to view them. ^.^ I am sorry for the untimely invitation delay. I will for sure make one tonight!

Today's returning item is the interesting, gleaming Pink Crystal!

This classical item has been around for what seems like eons now. -sigh- Good times.

Today's topic is deleting buddies. Have you ever deleted someone off your buddy list? In case you feel like you must, here are some reasons and qualities the buddy needs to be deleted:
  • Hacking. The person could hack. If you found out that your buddy is a hacker, delete them immediately, because if you kept them on your buddy list you'd be in more danger than you would already.
  • Scamming. Sometimes people find out their buddies are scammers. Before deleting them, ask them WHY they scam, and perhaps if they could stop. If they deny it, they may as well delete you before you can delete them. If not, it's your choice, really.
  • Greed. I have deleted people before because they were greedy-all they did was beg and beg for my rares. I had no option but to delete them. After that, they just forgot everything about me. XD
  • Annoyingness. I deleted a buddy because they were annoying. "Nafaria, come to me! Nafaria, trade me! Nafaria, what for spike!? NAFARIA, ADVENTURE!!! YOU PRRRROOOMMMIISSSEEDD!!" I'm not going to go anywhere or do ANYTHING with that person unless they ask nicely.
  • Ignoring. A lot of my buddies I have deleted before because they never came and visited me. I tried to visit them, but I got bored after a while. It's not any help having a bunch of buddies who don't even say hello to you clustering up your buddy list, right?
It's never a good idea to delete someone for no specific reason. :)

That's all I've got today. Adios!


  1. Sometimes I feel like I'm annoying you... But you probably would have told me XD also I have to delete buddy's all the time -sigh- ~DogLover1230~

  2. Another reason is
    Annoying: I had a buddy that had "Kids" cause she's an adopter and she was always like COME TO MY DEN or MY DEN BUDDY in jam-a-grams.
    I deleted her cause i don't like to be followed.

    search Lizaisaweirdo.blogspot my best buddy made it XD


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