Monday, February 10, 2014


Hi Jammers! Today's RIM is the NON-MEMBER, kind-of-boring-blue Rare Friendship Bracelet for a an expensive price of 850 gems.

It's a high priced, like I said before, kind-of-boring blue, like I said before, but it's Non-Member, which is great! I suppose AJHQ really IS trying to help out the NMs.

Hey! Wait a second...

I have a theory now, of WHY AJHQ is being nice to NMs. Now, it would be AMAZING if AJHQ is just being nice to be nice, but there could be other numerous reasons why. Maybe it's for the Friendship Festival? Who knows.

But I DO have a guess! Okay, so everyone knows how Kinyonga quit a couple weeks ago, right? Well, you know how one of her reasons why she quit was because of NM unfairness? For one thing, I know AJHQ visited Kinyonga's blog, so they must have been sad when she quit because Kiny was one of AJHQ's favorite Jammers. (snowyclaw, Pumaa, etc. are all examples of AJHQ favs) They decided to lure back Kinyonga by making more NM rights.

I believe this could be the answer to our mystery....
Why is AJHQ making things for NMs all a sudden? I mean, I LOVE THIS!! But I also miss Kinyonga! What can we do, dear Whippers, if my theory is correct?

Perhaps they'll make EAGLES NM! I really do wish so.

Aah! I've got to go to swim team. *groan* Oh, I almost forgot. Another reminder for the party this weekend! It'll be VERY fun!

I just want to thank all of you for being such wonderful commenters and viewers. ^.^



  1. Oh oh oh oh that's a good theory!! Hmm...

  2. If you theory is correct...
    If your theory is not correct...
    Hehe. But nice theory!

  3. -paints in big letters on self:
    COME BACK KINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-

  4. I think AJHQ hates me XD
    I sent them some emails trying to be helpful, but they told me to stop emailing them, in a nice way (well, they tried to XD)

    1. Sorry if that came out of nowhere, I said that because you were listing AJHQ's favorite jammers...

  5. I read your post about Fman122. It's not if you accept it, it's if you click on the gift to look at it. NMs are in danger, too. There is nothing in the gift. Just that loading spin thing. It'll tempt you to reload, then that's when he has you. Be warned everyone- there is more. I will keep typing...

    Fman can make you forcefully open it. When you see his JAG (Jam-A-Gram), it'll be blank and it says it's from no one. (Where it says who the JAG is from, they will be nothing there). The JAG will also say "Thanks for playing with me!". How you ask, will he make you open the gift? Well, you know how you get weekly diamonds/open the gift after you put in a code? That'll pop up when you see his JAG.
    I'll tell you how you know you're being targeted:
    1st sign: When you turn off the music with that little button thing on AJ, the music will keep playing for about 3 extra seconds THEN turn off.
    2nd sign: You hear trading sounds but don't see the trade.
    3rd sign: You get a JAG that says it's from no one (where it says who the JAG is from there will be nothing there) and it'll be blank and it says "Thanks for playing with me!"
    After the 3rd sign he will start sending gifts. If he realizes you aren't opening the gifts, he will send you the force gift. Consider yourself lucky if you get the signs so you have time to block him before you get the force gift. Other times, if he sees someone rare online he will send them a gift strait away. I hope this helped, I'm not meaning to scare anyone but this is info I collected from victims, and I wanted to warn everyone.


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