Saturday, February 15, 2014

Curly Wigs Party

Hi Jammers! Are you excited for today, if you are coming to the party? I understand it's a bit early for some of you, but I have a lot of homework to get done today.

Today's returning item, which is for the upcoming holiday President's Day, is the Curly Wig!

It's an awfully strange hairdo.... I wonder if it resembles George Washington, without the bow? o.o

Today is the PART-AY! :D Heh, like I said before...

On the taking a break topic... everyone needs a small break, right? And nobody can stop me from doing it. But I guess I will stay for a little while longer, just until I get REALLLLY bored.

That's all for now-try to be there! :)



  1. Nuuuuu! I can't come!!!! We have Girl Scouts...

  2. I can make it to the party! Look out for me i am an arctic wolf with a non rare spike collar and headdress!


  3. sorry nafaria. Im really really sorry That i forgot to come!!!!! I needed to go testing like something important olympiad something test something until so long so i coundnt come!!!! D:D:D:

  4. I couldn't come; so sorry! I had a Girl Scouts meeting, then I had to go to another meeting for a competition, then I had to go collect all the hundreds of boxes of GS cookies and deliver them all. =_= But I hoped it was fun!

  5. I couldn't come. I had an archery tournament. Im so sorry, I wish I could have come :(



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