Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Emerald Ring Scammers

Hi Jammers! I had a weird dream that I found a yeti in a cave, and he offered me a snack of goulash. O_o

Today's new item is an Emerald Ring!

I like how it's a pretty color and sparkly, but the price and the fact it's Member-only just throws it off.

Anyway, a few weeks or days ago my friend skydrain7 mentioned several things about our 3 suspects Epic, Apology, and King. Oh, and don't forget 7, another friend of Epic and Apology.

It turns out that Apology is ACTUALLY DECLARANTS, a pretty famous scammer. I've heard of him before, but I don't know him as well as, say, bkeot. :P

I believe he also said something about Epic and King, that they hack and scam? o.o I don't remember. 7 was also a scammer and hacker or whatevs.... Give me a refresher, Sky!

Lastly he noted that NorthernKing is a 56-year-old who plays games just to make kids sad. How cruel! Remember when he spent ALL DAY with his buddy northernqueen on the bridge in Crystal Sands!? HE HAS A LIFE, IT'S GONNA END SOON, WHY DOESN'T HE LIVE IT!?

I totally am confused with that dude.

Before I leave to get ready for school, I will update the blog list. I haven't updated it yet-sorry!

(@Mythy-your header was beautiful! I plan to use it for May's header. Okie dokey?)



  1. 7 is bepper aka Kosho's RL brother. And yes, he scams. And then this girl called DauphinRose (litterally PinkDolphin; it's french XDD) got hacked, and 7, Hyperdunk and (I think) Apology blame it all on misstess, partly because she called them scammers when 7 gave her a shout-out and even said she was "awesome" (they were clearly good friends). The thing is, misstess and DauphinRose were super-good friends. So because of DauphinRose being hacked, there was lots of drama. Now you might think misstess hacked her, though she didn't, and if you watched her videos, you would know she wouldn't be the kind to hack/scam. She even helps NMs!
    Now, just because 7 is more popular by being superstar Kosho/bepper's sister, EVERYONE believes him rather then DauphinRose herself! I mean, seriously. -.-
    And EVERYONE knows that Apology is Declarants… :P
    So about Apology/Dec :
    So he joined AJ, and one month after, there he is, walking around Jamaa with Red Gazelles, a long Red Collar and a worn and elf cuffs. How does he do that?
    He hacks like litterally at least 5/7 days.
    And scams :) <-- sarcastic smile.
    I have no idea who King and Epic are, sorry for the lack of info.


    Oh and how I got all this info? GAWD JUST GO TO YOUTUBE AND WATCH SOME VIDS.
    And Idk if I mentioned this but misstess quit because of that drama and she deleted her YT account. :C

    1. Yes, misstess got hacked as well. It really irritates me that everybody turned on her, it drives me crazy! It also makes me want to cry at how blind people are; they just believe anything that anyone famous will say!

      I know that most of these people who own and comment on Youtube are around 8-10 years old (I personally believe they shouldn't have an account)...but still, how naive can they get? /)_(\

      (By the way, @Nafaria9, I love the new blog template! It's beautimous.) c;

    2. I don't know who misstess is, but I'm sure she was an amazing Jammer and will forever be missed. :(

      Oh, and thanks on the blog template, wolfpaws and Ethereal. :)

    3. Yes, she's missed. Yes, she is.



    4. Isn't Aparri bepper's brother? Or do they have another brother??

  2. Oooh! Love the new blog background! It's so perdy!

  3. New profile pic, I drew the Arctic Wolf on it :3
    It's Lilac :3

    Mythy ♡ Artist


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