Friday, February 7, 2014

Chatty Problems

Hi Jammers! Today's the release of the Lego Movie for Americans (:D) and the start of the Olympics 2014! Who's as excited as me!? ^3^

Today's items are the Heart Cape and the Heart Scarf. Nice! Oh, and a picture of the returning Heart Balloon from yesterday. Picture credit to RockyTop2!

I like these items, do you?
Also, there seems to be a glitch with free chat. Because of this, I'm seriously thinking to going back to Safe Chat.

You can't do any special symbols or emotions, like O.O or !@#$%^&*. You also can't put more than 2 question and exclamation marks. There's a bunch of glitches with the chat and it's VERY ANNOYING.

I MEAN, WHY, AJ, WHY!? Is this supposed to be a part of the update, or is there something wrong with the chat!? I beg you! FIX IT! PLEASE!

Anyway, I've noticed a small change in the default color of the wolves. You know, when you get a new wolf.

THIS is now the default wolf. I dunno if I like it. I don't really care. XD It just needs that beautiful sky blue and it would be perfect. :)

I can just imagine that in my head. Reminds me of play-dough?

Okay, I'm getting weird now.

Here's the invitation reminder:

Well, see ya!


  1. love the music and I agree about how bad that glitch is

  2. Uhh... and now Animal Jam HQ isn't allowing Jammers-with-free-chat to say a word after a !, ? and a .

    I just HATE that update! But I'm content. Though, it is CERTAINLY annoying!

    Jam on, Jammers :-D☆♧! ~♥biamorawesome♥~


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