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Hi Jammers! This is a list of really cool dens that I have looked at and thought, "Wow, they put a lot of hard work into this masterpiece!" If you would like your den posted here, just comment below and remember to leave your den unlocked for me to view it. Thanks, and have a great time, den designers!





















Den Tips

Slip 'N Slide

What You Need:
4 or more Mats
4 or more Pillows
1 Pool
1 Sprinkler

You can use other watery items if you are NM.
The more mats and pillows you buy, the longer your Slip 'N Slide can be!

Disco Flooring

What You Need:
Multicolored Shelves
Strobe Lights
Disco Ball

Connect all of the shelves together to create a square-shaped flooring. Use the strobe lights and disco ball for extra fun!
The amount of how many items you purchase describes how large your flooring will be.

Soda Bar

What You Need:
Dining Stools
Tiny Shelves
Small Corner Shelves

Connect the shelves together to create the bar. Place the stools next to the table.
If you want to make your bar bigger, use the small corner shelves for corners. The buffet is officially open for business! :D

Clan Fence

What You Need:
Pogo Sticks

Purchase an estimated amount of pogo sticks. Connect the sticks together. Now every cat will be safe and sound!

Book 'N Bed Bunk Bed

What You Need:
Two Sofas
One Bookshelf

Place the bookshelf in your den. Connect the two sofas together: one on the tip, and one on the bottom, like so. Sweet dreams!

Salad Bar

What You Need:
Vegetable Baskets
Tiny Shelves

Connect the shelves together in a line. Place the baskets on top of the shelves. Invite a few friends over, and eat to your hearts content! :D

Easter Bunny

What You Need:
Sidekix Bunny Plush OR a Bunny Plush
Decorative Bow

Place the bow upon the rabbit's head between the ears, and there you have a cute, friendly Easter Bunny.  ^-^ You may also add eggs, an egg basket, or some flowers to liven up the scene.


What You Need:
Clover Rug
Shamrock Gate
Shoji Screens

Connect three shoji screens to form an almost-complete box. Then add the shamrock gate to fill in the hole. You may also add a sunflower lamp for a shower head, or a rain cloud for falling water. ^.^

Epic Bed

What You Need:
Two Striped Couches
 Two Pillows/Mats

Place the two couches together in the direction of your choice. Place one pillow/mat on top of each couch. Then place fences around the sides of the bed. Voila! Now you won't roll off your bed and fall onto the floor in the middle of the night. Hehe!

Rainbow Staircase

What You Need:
Tiny Shelves

Stack the tiny shelves evenly spaced along any staircase or ladder that needs some pizzazz!

Breakfast Smiley Face

What You Need:
2 White Buttercup Rugs
Orange Mats

Entertainment Center
Image result for animal jam dens

What You Need:
Wavy Bookshelves
Bamboo Fence
Mini Game Arcade System (any)

Place two wavy bookshelves a reasonable distance away from each other and then put the arcade system right in between them. Stick a bamboo fence in front of it and voila! Your very own entertainment center! ^.^

Stone Pit Fountain

What You Need:
Fountain Sprinkler
Stone Floor Den Portal

Place the fountain directly on top of the portal, and voila! It is optional whether or not you activate the portal, but I personally think it looks better deactivated. :)

Stone Nature Patio

What You Need:
Nature Items (plants, trees, etc.)
Porch Swing
Fountain (any will do)
Mossy Stone Pathways (stone circles work just as well)
Mossy Walls

Arrange the mossy stone pathways to form a square or rectangle, and place the walls around it. Then decorate it by placing a porch swing, a fountain, and lots of nature items in and around the stone area.


What You Need:
Bamboo Fences
Tiki Torches
Tall Shelves

Place the tall shelves orderly so they form a square, rectangle, or shape of your choice. Place bamboo walls around the shelves, and, if you'd like, tiki torches on the end for a snazzy extra add-on, too.


What You Need:
Hanging Star Lamp
Pixelated Fence

Arrange the fences so they form a small square. Place the lamp in the corner; this will act as a mobile.  Next, set a pillow or two of your choice in the square. Then decorate the area with plushies and other items.

Outdoor Produce Market

What You Need:
Storefront Display
Produce Display
Vegetable Baskets/Fruit Baskets
Cash Register
Tiny Shelves

Arrange the displays, shelves, and produce baskets however you would like, and then place the cash register on top of the tiny shelves. Everyone is going to love your new outdoor marketplace!

Cozy Campfire Area

What You Need:
Fire Pit
Crocus Flowers (any small plants will do)

Place the fire pit in the middle of evenly separated mats or pillows, with some small, summery plants surrounding the area. 

Summer Car Wash

What You Need:
Red Sports Car
Red Painted Pot
Mop and Bucket
Bird Poop

Place the bird poop on the window of the car, and set the rest of the materials off to the side.

Window Bench

What You Need:
Window (any will do)
Cafe Tables (any rectangular table will work)
Other Decorations


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