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Minigame Guide

Hello there! If you're looking for some real, authentic tips and tricks to all of the Animal Jam minigames, you've come to the right place. I hope you find this information helpful. Have fun, and feel free to stay a while! (*Note: some of the following info belongs to the AJ Wiki*).

Best Dressed

Objective: Dress in the best clothes to match the theme, and vote on the best dressed Jammer!


How to Earn Them (left to right):

Seamstress!: play Best Dressed 5 times
Stylist!: play Best Dressed 10 times
Designer!: play Best Dressed 25 times
Model!: play Best Dressed 50 times
High Fashion!: win 20 rounds of Best Dressed
Tres Chic!: win 3 rounds of Best Dressed in a row

Tips and Tricks:

1. Use certain items, colors, and patterns to help make your animal look more like the theme that has been given to you. For example, if the theme is ''most like a firefighter'', wear a firefighter hat or some sort of helmet, and maybe even some armor if you've been handed the option. Use the fire pattern to symbolize what firefighters have to go through to save people from harm, as well as fiery colors like red and orange.

2. Even if none of your items match the theme, you can still try to make an appealing look by always attempting to keep your items, colors, and patterns the same color scheme. If people are voting for a person with a look that truly visually pleases the eye, then it's never a bad idea to play it safe and just make an outfit with matching colors.

3. If you REALLY want to grab people's attention, I suggest going big. Try using a bigger animal, such as an arctic wolf or elephant. The other Jammers are more likely to have their eyes drawn to an animal that stands out because of its size. Another useful trick is to use items that look big on your animal, or even animated items such as party hats.

4. Another thing I've learned about getting noticed on Best Dressed is to use a lot of emotes. Don't try to overdo it, or else you'll look desparate, even though we all know you're very desparate for those gems on the inside... just kidding. :P Using emotes lets others know that you exist and you're not some creepy bot that sits there and only uses an emote maybe once or twice in a few rounds. Also, try to use emotes that pertain to the theme. For example, if the theme is ''evil'', don't use a smiley face; use the evil face!

5. The final tip I have for you today is kind of a reverse psychology sort of thing. Instead of voting for who you think is ''the best dressed'', vote for someone who isn't dressed all that well. By doing this, you're not only reducing the chances of someone who has a great outfit of winning, but you're also making someone else feel good to get a vote!

Long Shot

Objective: Click the mouse to fling the armadillo. The farther you go, the more points you'll get!


How to Earn Them (left to right):

Far!: play Long Shot 10 times
Farther!: play Long Shot 20 times
Farthest!: play Long Shot 30 times
Fartherest!: play Long Shot 50 times
10,000 Plus!: reach a distance of 10,000+ in Long Shot
20,000 Plus!: reach of a distance of 20,000+ in Long Shot

Tips and Tricks:

1. Long Shot is a game all about timing. If you click to release the armadillo at the wrong time, it will either fall backwards or won't have very much power to keep it moving. The best time to click is when it's spinning the fastest and at the highest point, showed in the diagram below:

2. There are three known stages of Long Shot: prairie, tundra, and volcano.

Pest Control

Objective: Strategically place defenders along a path to stop the trail of pests from reaching the end of the path.


How to Earn Them (left to right):

Squash!: play Pest Control 10 times
Smash!: play Pest Control 20 times
Squish!: play Pest Control 35 times
Splat!: play Pest Control 50 times
400 Legs!: defeat 50 taruntulas in Pest Control
10,000 Pests!: defeat 10,000 pests in Pest Control

Tips and Tricks:

1. Each defender prefers to eat different kinds of pests. Look at the chart below to learn more about what each defender likes.

Venus Fly Trap: Ants and Flies
Venus Fly Trap        Ant Fly

Frog: Grasshoppers and Dragonflies
Frog pest control        Grasshopper Dragonflies

Lizard: Beetles and Tarantulas
Lizard        Beetle Tarantulas

Snake: Scorpions and Mice
Snake pest control        Scorpion Mice

(diagram belongs to Sheesh4)

2. Each defender also costs a certain amount of tokens.

Venus Fly Trap: 5 tokens
Frog: 10 tokens
Lizard: 15 tokens
Snake: 20 tokens

3. When defeated, each pest will reward you with a certain amount of tokens that you can use to purchase more defenders.

Ant: 1 token
Fly: 2 tokens
Grasshopper: 2 tokens
Dragonfly: 2 tokens
Beetle: 3 tokens
Scorpion: 4 tokens
Tarantula: 8 tokens
Mouse: 6 tokens

4. I found this video recorded by a Jammer to be extremely helpful with strategic placement of defenders when playing hard mode, but I'm sure it can also be useful when play easy or medium mode. Feel free to watch it, but keep in mind that this is not my work!

Fruit Slinger

Objective: Click and drag to aim the slingshot. Launch the fruit, and destroy all of the phantoms in the fortress to win! (similar to Angry Birds)


How to Earn Them (left to right):

Fruit Salad!: play Fruit Slinger 10 times
Fruit Cake!: play Fruit Slinger 20 times
Fruit Juice!: play Fruit Slinger 35 times
Fruit Basket!: play Fruit Slinger 50 times
Peachy Keen!: complete level 10 of Fruit Slinger
Top Banana!: complete every level of Fruit Slinger
Fruit of the Doom!: defeat 300 phantoms in Fruit Slinger
Kaboom!: defeat all the phantoms in a fort with one shot in Fruit Slinger
Ripe!: win 25 minigames of Fruit Slinger

Tips and Tricks:

1. Different fruits have different abilities. Take a look at this chart to learn more about them.

Dragon Fruit: basic fruit with no specific special abilities
Dragon Fruit

Acai Berries: splits into three smaller berries when clicked in midair
Açaí Berries

Horned Melon: breaks most materials easily
Horned Melon

Star Fruit: spins around causing anything it hits to spin and launch into the air
Star Fruit

Lychee: fruit with super fast speed
Lychee Fruit

2. According to the Animal Jam World website, when aiming up and down, watch for the orange outline for the arrow. When the outline is thinnest, that's where your best bet is to shoot if you're worried about your next shot. The areas where the outline is the thickest probably won't do you much good.

Temple of Trivia

Objective: Answer as many questions correctly as you can before time runs out!


How to Earn Them (left to right):

Whiz Kid!: play Temple of Trivia 5 times
Prodigy!: play Temple of Trivia 10 times
Head Of The Class!: play Temple of Trivia 25 times
A+!: play Temple of Trivia 50 times
Trivia Star!: Get first place in one round of Temple of Trivia

Tips and Tricks:

1. There's honestly not really any secret hints or tips to the Temple of Trivia unless you know your animal/nature/science facts well. Trust your gut!

2. Every time a Jammer answers a series of questions correctly, their animal avatar will have a temporary, special, animated effect. Answering one question correctly will cause the ground underneath their animal to light up. For the second correct answer, confetti will fall on their animal's head. For subsequent correct answers, their ainmal might dance, hop, or have even more confetti rain down on them.

Gem Breaker

Objective: Launch a gem at two gems of the same color to break them. Break the gems above the phantom gems so that the phantom gems will fall.


How to Earn Them (left to right):

Breaker!: play Gem Breaker 10 times
Buster!: play Gem Breaker 20 times 
Crasher!: play Gem Breaker 35 times
Smasher!: play Gem Breaker 50 times
Gem Ace!: complete level 20 of Gem Breaker
Gem Guru!: win 10 multiplayer games of Gem Breaker

Tips and Tricks:

1. Pay close attention to the board and try to keep one side from accumulating more gems than the other.

2. Try to keep the row of gems even so one side doesn't get too long.

3. You can angle and bounce your launcher gem off the walls (like Vans... haha, geddit?) to get difficult shots.

Falling Phantoms

Objective: Use the arrow keys to dodge the phantoms falling from the sky, and try to stay alive for as long as possible!


How to Earn Them (left to right):

Crust!: play Falling Phantoms 10 times
Mantle!: play Falling Phantoms 25 times
Core!: play Falling Phantoms 50 times
Fissure!:  win 10 games of Falling Phantoms
Dome!: win 25 games of Falling Phantoms
Volcano!: win 50 games of Falling Phantoms
Eruption!: win 5 games of Falling Phantoms in a row
Ring of Fire!: complete a round of Falling Phantoms without getting hit

Tips and Tricks:

1. Try to avoid staying in one place for a long time, but don't keep moving around so much that things get all hectic and panicky.

2. Always stay alert and watch your surroundings.

3. Typically, shortly after a group of gems pop up in one of the corners, a few phantoms will fall into or near that area, so I suggest timing yourself wisely and collecting those gems quickly and safely. Get in, get out!

4. It has been said that running away from a phantom in the opposite direction that is falling is a helpful strategy when trying to get out of the way as fast as possible. If you run in the direction the phantom is falling, the phantom is more likely to catch up with you and hit you because of the angle they're falling at.

5. Try not to get distracted by watching what the other players are doing. Always keep your eyes on the phantoms.


Objective: Rotate and connect the square tiles to create a path for the water to flow through and fill the moat surrounding the sand castle.


How to Earn Them (left to right):

Flowbie!: play Overflow 5 times
Flowbot!: play Overflow 15 times
Flowmaster!: play Overflow 30 times
Open the Floodgates!: play Overflow 50 times
Overflow Boss!: Complete level 50 of Overflow
Overflower Master!: complete level 100 of Overflow
300!: Earn 300 gems in one session of Overflow

Tips and Tricks:

1. The longer your path is, the more gems you'll collect!


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