Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wild Weekend: New Gloves

Hi Jammers... again! Yep, it's a double post today, and that's because AJHQ just made an awesome announcement via last week's Jamaa Journal.

For this weekend only, four new gloves will be for sale in the Diamond Shop!

There's a phantom glove (top left), unicorn glove (top right), custom glove (simliar to the ''custom'' top hat; bottom left), and a mega-glove 3000 (similar to the bubbletron 3000 item; bottom right).

I'll be honest here. Gloves are my all-time favorite items in all of Animal Jam. For some reason, I've always liked their design and how they look on my animals. These gloves, however, don't exactly please me as much as the other gloves do. I mean, they're not really gloves. They look more like those claw gloves you see at costume stores during Halloween. As much as I like the idea behind them, I bet AJHQ could have done better with these gloves. 

Anyways... that's just my opinion. Comment yours down below!

Bye Jammers!


  1. The custom one looks pretty cool to me but I prefer rings to gloves I agree that ajhq could have done better but i'm also happy one is nm


    1. Ooh, rings would be nice. I'm also happy they made at least one of them for all jammers.

  2. I agree with your opinion, I love how the new gloves look but from reading your opinion it may me change my perspective on them. Anyways, nice to see another post from you Naffy!

    1. Thanks for your input and kind words FireSpirit! :D

  3. Yeah I agree, I wish AJHQ made them normal gloves, but I do love the unicorn glove XD
    Omg where do we get the horn?!!?!?! WHERE DID WE GET FOX HATS?!?!? AJ is horror game confirmed

  4. The gloves look pretty cool, but the bottom right glove I really don't like and I'm not sure why.

    1. Yeah, I do think they could have done a better job with a few of them, but overall I guess they're okay.


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