Friday, May 19, 2017

Animal Jam Fun Facts

Hey there! I'm nafaria9, and I have compiled a humongous list of Animal Jam fun facts for viewers like you to enjoy. Have fun, and feel free to share these facts with your friends!
  • The beta testing period for Animal Jam lasted from July 17th, 2010 to September 9th, 2010.
  • There used to be a cool gadget called the Play Timer that would allow you to to set up a countdown clock. When the time was up, the timer would notify you and start glowing. 
  • The only animals available during beta testing were the koala, wolf, panda, bunny, tiger, and monkey.
  • Beta dens had three floors.
  • The only lands during beta testing open for exploration were Jamaa Township, Crystal Sands, the Lost Temple of Zios, and the Sarepia Forest.
  • Back in beta, Sarepia Forest was known as just ''Sarepia''.
  • WildWorks used to be known as Smart Bomb Interactive.
  • The coffee bean bags in the Hot Cocoa Hut have the initials ''SBI'' on them. This stands for Smart Bomb Interactive.
  • WildWorks is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • The original skullys (NOT the Diamond Shop ones) are the cheapest item to have ever been sold in Animal Jam. They were sold for 10 gems a piece.
  • The second cheapest item in the game is the cool banner. It is sold for 25 gems.
  • There used to be an achievement called ''Herbology Expert!''.
  • Two achievements that you can no longer obtain are ''Call of the Wild!" and ''One of a Kind!''
  • When fancy top hats first came out, if you wore one on a tiger and did the sleep action, a little ''2012'' sign and fireworks would shoot out of the hat.
  • You used to be able to type a wide variety of symbols such as *, @, -, and $ in the chat box.
  • The boomseed inflicts 100 damage points to an obstacle or enemy in an Adventure.
  • The boomseed was most likely based off of the durian fruit, as it shows similarities to it regarding appearance.
  • Alphas used to be called shamans.
  • Zios was most likely based off of an Incan god named Viracocha.
  • Tunnel Town was the first AJ app to be created by WildWorks.
  • If you purchased Tunnel Town during the first weekend of its release, you received a special golden bunny pet called the Founder's Bunny.
  • Founder's Hats were released on September 16th, 2010, to commemorate the end of beta testing.
  • All beta testers received a month-long membership as a gift of thanks for their service.
  • Adventures were first introduced to AJ on June 18th, 2013.
  • Some items provide extra damage to obstacles and enemies in Adventures.
  • An early version of the popular seasonal Adventure ''Bitter Sweets'' was accidentally released for an hour on September 18th, 2014.
  • The Diamond Shop opened on May 20th, 2013.
  • Peck is the youngest Alpha.
  • Tavie is the most recent main Alpha to be added to the group.
  • Mira is a grey heron.
  • Spiked collars used to be called spiked necklaces.
  • Spiked wristbands used to be called spikey wristbands.
  • The den item Cami's Frog was created by an employee at AJHQ in honor of his daughter, Cami, who was diagnosed with leukemia, a form of cancer.
  • The first Rare Item Monday item was the glove.
  • Before the Diamond Shop, every month each member would receive a gift from AJHQ. These were known as Monthly Member Gifts.
  • During the beta days, Crystal Sands wasn't a water park. Instead, it had rocky beaches.
  • You can adjust the heat of your hot cocoa in the Hot Cocoa Machine by clicking on the little lever on the left side of the machine.
  • The sale sign sitting outside of Jam Mart Furniture reads, ''Everything you need for your den!''
  • When you get lots of Jammers to dance by the fire pit in Sarepia Forest, a flaming blue Mira will appear.
  • When you get enough people to dance on the dance floor in Club Geoz, a disco ball will drop down.
  • When you get enough Jammers to hop on the ice in Mt. Shiveer, the ice will start to break.
  • When you get enough Jammers to hop on the arch in Coral Canyons, the rocks will start to crumble and fall. If you get lots of Jammers to hop on the arch, sometimes a bunch of eagles will fly up.
  • When you get enough Jammers to sleep near the Zios pit in the Lost Temple of Zios, purple mist will start to flow out, and several phantoms will, too.
  • When you get enough Jammers to dance on the stage at the Jam Session party, epic lights will shine and fire will flame up.
  • If you stand in the mud pit in Appondale for long enough, your animal will turn brown.
  • If you stand near the lava in the Wolves Only Party for long enough, your animal will turn red.
  • If you stand on top of the Snow Fort den where icy winds are circling for long enough, your animal will turn blue.
  • If you stand in the swamp of green goop in the Epic Haunted Manor Den for long enough, your animal will turn green.
  • If you collect 100 golden mice, discs, or ducks in one of the pet games, your pet will earn a cool effect.
  • There is an ancient aquatic dinosaur fossil trapped in an ice wall in Mt. Shiveer. This dinosaur has been proven to be a plesiosaurus.
  • The list of Epic Dens is updated every six hours.
  • lolkingcentury1 was Jamaa's first REAL hacker.
  • The Chamber of Knowledge used to be called the Chamber of Mysteries.
  • The first flying animals were eagles.
  • Oceans were released on September 15th, 2011.
  • In the early days of Animal Jam, there used to be a medical center right next to the Pillow Room. It was removed due to inappropriate behavior taking place there, and was replaced by the Sol Arcade.
  • From the outside of Captain Melville's Juice Hut, there is clearly a cacao tree right next to it, growing in front of a window. But when you look through the window from the inside of the building, you can't see the tree!
  • The little green parrot fish in Tierney's Aquarium will follow your mouse around.
  • The fish that appear in the cylindrical window above the door in Tierney's Theater are the fish from the popular mini game ''Eat 'Em Up!''
  • Gabby's Animal Hospital was formerly known as the Medical Center, not to be confused with the medical center from the early days of Animal Jam.
  • The eye chart in Gabby's Animal Hospital spells out the names of the Alphas.
  • At first when the Medical Center was renovated into Gabby's Animal Hospital, there was a large, sharp pair of scissors sitting on the medical bed on the second floor. Later on, the scissors were taken away, and a flashlight took their spot.
  • The area where the Zios pit currently is was previously occupied by a statue of a monkey during beta testing. This has lead many Jammers to believe that Zios is a monkey.
  • You can make a rainbow potion in Brady's Chemistry set by following this pattern: red x 3, blue x 3, green x 3, fire x 3. Then click the spherical test tube, and voila! You now have an awesome rainbow potion!
  • If you are patient and look closely, you might see a faint shadow of an alien pop out from the small hole in the rocket ship inside the Sol Arcade.
  • Animal Jam surpassed 10 million players in March of 2013. To celebrate the achievement, they released a code which would award you a cool 10 million banner for your den.
  • You can create a delicious phantom cotton candy treat for your animal in the Cotton Candy Machine at the Summer Carnival. First, choose a cone of your choice. Then choose your flavors and click black, white, and black again. Now you have a phantom cotton candy to satisfy your sweet tooth!
  • The most expensive item in Animal Jam is the gold brick. It costs 10,000 gems.


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    1. Yeah, I kinda went overboard but I wanted to make it a huge list. XD

  2. Wow! Those are a LOT of facts! :O

    It's crazy to think I knew most of them. But some I didn't!

    Btw, I think you can now do the - on Aj again!

    1. Oh, you can? That's awesome!

    2. I love your blog and this list and everything about you!! You rock, Naffy Taffy! WE LOVE QUEEN WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!!!

  3. Wow! That's a lot! I was looking through your blog, and can you do the history of the Alphas again? The me about who the alphas are based off?


  4. According to julian2 if you color your pig red with the lava feature and then do the play animation it looks like your pig is swimming in a pool of blood O-O


  5. Also, cool fact 'bout Camis Frog, is that Cami, is now the girl in the Wild Exploreres videos <3

    1. Ohhh cool but do you have any animal jam facts that I could use for a Ora report? If so plz awnser

  6. Amazing! These are cool facts! For the most part i didnt know most of the facts! Only a few! I will be making a video on a few of these facts that are from you and i will credit your website in the description! <3 Btw my youtube is Tourzity

  7. did anyone notice that the phantoms are supposed to represent pollution?


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