Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Animal Jam Box Spring 2017 Unboxing/Review

Hello Jammers! :D Happy Wednesday. Today is extra fun because I am going to unbox and review the Animal Jam Spring 2017 Box! Yippee! It finally arrived in the mail, so the time has now come for this long-awaited post.

Let's begin, shall we? :)

This is what the box looks like on the outside. It has an adorable yellow owl's face on it.

Another photo of the outside.

Now, as we open the box, we will see a variety of awesome items and accessories. The sheet that I'm holding in the picture above displays them all.

The first item is a spring nature guide, which includes short featurettes on a variety of species of birds and butterflies.

It even comes with a sheet of stickers and a mini quiz!

Next up is a toucan charm. If you purchased the last AJ box, chances are you received an arctic wolf charm bracelet. I'm assuming you can attach this charm onto that bracelet, and continue adding charms to it.

The third object in the box is a pair of black and gold binoculars. I'll be honest here, there's really nothing too special about it. The only thing that proves it's actually ''Animal Jam'' is the logo sticker slapped on the front. However, they do make pretty good binoculars.

Next we have a DIY birdfeeder. I can't wait to build this with my sister!

The fifth item is a blue and white t-shirt with some Animal Jam characters and a ''Let's Explore!" text printed on it. Originally, this was going to be for my younger sister to wear, but apparently we ordered a large instead of a small, so not even I can fit into it properly. :P Oh well. Perhaps we might use it for pajamas or painting.

The last item is this epic umbrella! It's clear and has Animal Jam characters all over it. I think the umbrella was probably one of my top three favorite items from this particular box. Sadly, one of the stretcher arm thingies was slightly bent, so it doesn't hold up all the way. Still, it manages.

Of course, you all know you can't have an AJ box without a promo code!

I suppose the golden binoculars aren't as bad as everyone's saying. I feel like these would make a great accessory for an outfit.

Well! That was quite the unboxing! In my opinion, I really, really enjoyed the spring AJ box. I felt like it had much more items and merchandise than the winter one.

What was your favorite item that came with the box? Let me know in the comments! ^-^

Bye Jammers!


  1. I actually kinda liked this box, even though I don't get them! I think the bird feeder was pretty cool as well as the binoculars

  2. Excuse me... Friday?

  3. Yay You got your box XD I personally really like the umbrella best! :3

  4. Some of that stuff is so cute!

  5. I know, I know, I look too much at the fine details, but, nice nails.
    Plus, honestly, I would "accidentally" cut up that T-shirt and make it in to pijamamas for my toys

    1. Thanks! Normally I don't really wear nail polish all that often, but... yeah. :P

      And that's a creative idea!

  6. Wait... that owl on the birds and butterflies looks like my owl on aj...

    1. Oh my... o.o That's cool but creepy all at the same time.

  7. I want that umbrella so bad XD! ITS AMAZING

    AJ went with the cheap promo this time :/ Well, it matches the golden ring XDDD

    1. So true. But I definitely think the ring and the binoculars go well together too! They would make a neat outfit!


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