Wednesday, May 3, 2017

LOTS of New AJ Toys to Come in 2017 + Possible New Animal Leak

Hey there, Jammers! As I was scavenging through the AJ community the other day I came across a bunch of screenshots full of concept art and designs for TONS of new toys that will be released during 2017! Here they are...

Limited Cheetah, Lynx, and Kangaroo toy figures with three new den play sets. 

Goat, Octopus, Sloth, Turtle, Owl, and Pig toy figures. 

Crocodile, Shark, Polar Bear, and Falcon light up toy figures. 

Panda and Raccoon feature plush. 

New Seal, Fox, Dolphin, and Turtle plushies. 

These look AWESOME! I can't wait to purchase one of the new plushies, figurines, and den sets! :D

What is your favorite toy that was listed in today's post?

One more interesting piece of news before I go. Several days ago a popular AJ Instagrammer named Tufwoolfy posted a picture of what is most likely a leak for whatever the new animal is going to be.

Full credit to Tufwoolfy

We don't know where exactly Tuf got this picture from, or if it's even legitimate, but most people seem to think the new animal is going to be either a fennec fox or a jackal based on the evidence from the photo. If you read yesterday's post, then you can assume that my guess is that the new animal is probably a fennec fox.

Whatever the animal is, if this is what it's going to look like, then I'm excited. The design is actually pretty cute!

Thanks for reading Jammers. Let me know what you think about the new toys and the leaked picture as well.



  1. Hey Naffy, I'm just wondering, how do you create a blogger account without using Google+? I don't really want to make a G+ account, but want to make a blogger since that one imposter comment on your last post has made me paranoid.


    1. I knew that imposter wasn't you. You're too nice to say anything hurtful like that. :)

      Unfortunately, you can't exactly make a Google account without having a Google+ account. You see, when you create a Google account, it comes with a bunch of different Google apps like Blogger, YouTube, Google Docs, and even Google+. However, you're not required to use Google+. You can just make a Google account and not use Google+ if you'd like.

    2. Ah, ok. I think I'll hold off making a google account for now.

      Just a question, what does the comment as name/url mean? Does it mean put a username and then a website? You'd think I'd know by now X3

      Hopefully that impersonator stops.. Impersonating. I actually was stressing about it all day XS


  2. First! Anyways 3 foxes will be in AJ? Arctic fox,Fox,Fennec Fox??? I think non-members deserve this one its been a long time since that has happened.

    1. Very good point! It would be really nice if the new animal was for all Jammers.

  3. I need that fox.

  4. Also that shark is scary. No offense AJHQ but its scary.

    Did you know they took out News Crew and Diamond Challenges on the daily explorer?

    1. They did? O.o That's... uhh... rather out of the blue.

    2. NOOO!!! I can't get that shiny little badge on my name tag!!! How could this happen to me!!!

  5. I need that fuzzy fox, I love stuff like that!

  6. *Squeals* MORE AJ TOYS HOORAY! (I absolutely need all of them) But one thing... Why Does the OCTOPUS have a LAND ANIMAL PET?! -.- That's really weird. Ok and the new animal... Hmm. I kinda like it but it looks like AJHQ didn't really spend much time designing it. *Cough Cough* But not as bad as the cougars *cough cough* But I guess I would buy it if it's real!

  7. These toys are so cute and too novel, I like that rabbit.


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