Monday, May 1, 2017

Beast and Minnie Mouse Outfits + Hilarious Julian2 Parody

Hey guys! Happy May! Only 26 days of school left for me... isn't that nuts!? Summer is just around the corner! :D

Today I wanted to give you guys two Disney character AJ costumes I created the other day. Feel free to give them a try, or even mix it up a bit with your own unique style! Remember, if you guys ever have any AJ outfit ideas for me, you can always hit me up with an email or simply a comment. My email address is in case you didn't already know. ^.^

The Beast
Created by nafaria9

Goat Horns
Ribbon Scarf

Minnie Mouse
Created by nafaria9

Summer Dress
Princess Slippers
Flower Crown or Sparkly Hair Bow

I personally really like how the Beast costume turned out, and it's one of my favorites that I've ever created.

You guys know how I like to end posts with a little glitch, fun fact, or funny picture/video, so today I'm going to show you a hilarious Julian2 parody made by magnet4friends (Magnet PlaysAJ). Enjoy!


Thanks for reading! Goodbye!

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  1. Minnie Mouse.. Lol.

  2. Oh nice!! :D I have less than 20 days left of school... XD

    I love those outfits, so creative!!! ^.^

    *shudders and quickly scrolls past Julian's face* Yuck. XD

    1. I presume you're an Aparri fan

    2. I still haaaaave like ummmmmmmm 9999999999999 days of school left. :P

      IKR The beast one I think is pretty cool.

      Lol ikr it's really creepy. o,o
      *King Tough Bunny

    3. @Lost

      Thank you so much! And summer break is coming up quickly for both of us, isn't it?


      Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

    4. @Henrythegreat4
      Yeah, but I hardly watch any Youtube videos so. :P But it's not because I am a fan of Aparri or whatever. It's because I don't.... prefer how Julian looks. XD


      Yeah, I love the Beast one. ^.^

      XD Ikr.....


      You're welcome!! :D And yes, it is. I gotta hurry with my school. o,o

  3. Love the outfits!!!


    P.S I haven't been able to make comments for a while, not sure why, it wouldn't let me, but I'm back!

    1. Thank you! And I'm happy you're back, Sugarcat! :D I missed you!

  4. That beast costume is on-point

  5. 32 days of school left for me, that includes having to take exams. On the bright side, I can go see Move: Beyond (Dancing with the Stars brother and sister do a 2-hour routine :P) in a couple weeks. #DWTS -akmlynx ^.^


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