Friday, May 26, 2017


Hi Jammers! I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's update! Once again, I apologize for not being able to make an update post when the update came out, but here I am now.

Let's review this week's Jamaa Journal!

Well, it appears AJHQ didn't really get the memo about the majority of the community's opinion on the new Jamaa Journal layout, considering this week's newspaper is similar to the brand-new one we got last time. But hey! Coyotes are finally here, and they are awesome! 

Sadly, they're for members only (what else were you expecting?), and cost 10 diamonds each.

Here are their actions:






A lot of people seem to really enjoy them, including myself!

A new set of clothing items, called the Wild West Gear, is available in the Diamond Shop for a limited time only in celebration of the arrival of coyotes! Although they are located in the armor section of the store, the items do not provide extra damage to obstacles in adventures.

You might find some other western items in stores as well...


Pet Sharks have arrived! It's been a while since we've had a new underwater pet, right?

Lions are now gone, but dolphins are coming back!

The popular Minecraft-style seasonal adventure, Graham's Workshop, has returned just for the summer! Collect materials to build awesome items!

The final page is an advertisement about the Spring 2017 AJ Box. If you haven't ordered one already, you still have time!

That's it for today's update! What did you guys think of it? I'd give it an 8/10 stars. ^.^

Bye Jammers!


  1. Awesome! I haven't made my post yet :c

  2. Hi nafaria, i dont mean anything against you here but id just like to ask you why you are so sarcastic sometimes? you said 'i guess ajhq didnt get the memo about the new layout' i like it, i dont mind it, and its THEIR game!!!! and about the coyotes for members, so what? who cares? its members luck they get it, because they paid for it. i get it, i dont have to read ur blog. ban me, do whatever you'd like. but i dont like people who are sarcastic, but i just wanna know why. thx :) and pls dont respond negative or rude, becuz im not trying to be rude to you :)
    take it up with them, then o3o

    1. Sometimes I like to be sarcastic because it's funny. I try not be to a neutral robot who doesn't have a personality or voice in their posts. However, people shouldn't take the little sarcasm I use as rude or offensive. AJHQ is a very amazing and talented group of people who work very hard to upkeep Jamaa, and I cannot fully express my gratitude for them. Don't take it the wrong way.

    2. @Anonymous
      People are allowed to dislike things that AJHQ does for the game. It's called having an opinion.

      Also, there are people in this world A LOT more sarcastic than Naffy(Who I never considered sarcastic at all, in all honesty) just to warn you.

      (This isn't supposed to be rude,by the way)

    3. She legitimately meant that she doesn't like the new layout, and you don't know, some people may care that they're members only.

      ~henrythegreat4 can't be bothered to sign in

  3. Kraft does update reviews as always-
    1. I was skeptical about coyotes because I REALLY WANTED FENNEC FOXES but they're actually pretty cool animals. I like how they do a very western style dance
    2. YAY
    I love western stuff so I love this theme
    3. Some of these pet sharks look next level terrifying. That is all I shall say
    4. I need a dolphin so this is actually useful
    5. YAY
    now I can get hundreds (exaggeration) of stone ovens and build the ultimate bakery! So far I have 2. I also need tons of the wood and stone items so yay
    6. I might consider getting it..
    But it has a book about birds nd BUTTERFLIES
    (If anyone doesn't know, I hate butterflies and moths. I've recently started calling moths Voldemoths.)

    jk I'm just too poor because I spend all my money on markers and webkinz oops

    Update gets 7/10 because western

    P.s I have a feeling we're going to get a Graham den soon, as he's the only alpha without one. I hope it's a really cool Steampunk treehouse or something ^-^

  4. The Wandering Wanderers Opinion on this weeks update that AJHQ Probably Did Something We Don't Appreciate (heh)

    1. Coyotes <3
    2. Wild West clothes are cool
    3. Oooh noice den items
    4. Eh
    5. I prefer lions over dolphins
    6. I'm terrible at that adventure :D
    7. Ad -_-
    8.5/10 because coyotes but RIP Fennec Fox and old Jamaa Journal

    1. Yeah, I really do miss the old Jamaa Journal. :(

  5. Love the coyotes!! Sadly, I can't get one, but I'm really happy for the members!! And the pat sharks are so cute!!


    1. The pet sharks are adorable!

    2. Lol, I said "pat", I meant pet XD
      I guess that's what happens when you type on a phone XD


  6. This is a really cool update I just wish that coyotes were for all jammers but their super cute and I liked the old jamaa journal but I like this one too this is a really good update and I hope ajhq does better in the future


    1. Yeah, I wish coyotes were for all Jammers, too.

  7. I really like the new coyotes! I feel like they did a great job with the design!

  8. The coyotes look A LOT like the fennec fox from Chicken Smoothie


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