Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Sweet Magazine + Promo Items

Hey Jammers! :) Welcome to the Animal Jam Whip blog.

Today I wanted to talk about a few cool new promo items that you might be seeing in Jamaa very soon, if not already.

The first few promo items come from a special magazine that is currently only available in the UK. It's called the Sweet Magazine, and it's primarily aimed towards ''girls who love collectables, shopping, and all things cute''.

Image result for sweet magazine animal jam

As you can see, the magazine features a small portion on Animal Jam! The portion includes a code or two that you can redeem for some unique, virtual, in-game prizes.

One of these prizes is a Sweet Shop poster, and the other is a Sweet Sofa.

I don't know for sure if these are the only items that come with whatever code is inside the magazine, but nevertheless, I really like these two items. They're bright, colorful, and perfect for a sweet den!

The next promo item does not come with the Sweet Magazine; rather, it comes with the Spring 2017 AJ Box. My AJ box should be arriving in my mail pretty soon, so be on the lookout for an unboxing/review post on that.

Anyways, the item is a pair of golden binoculars.

Personally, I think the item is half decent, but a lot of Jammers are saying that this is the worst promo item yet, and I completely understand why.

It lacks the creativity that the last AJ box promo item had. Besides, it's just a recolored version of the binoculars we already have.

There's literally nothing new or exciting about it, but it could make for some good outfits.

What are your opinions on these three new promo items?

Thank you for reading, and happy jamming!


  1. Hi Naffy! I was kinda wondering, What was the big surprise? Did I miss it? It said it would be here by Saturday at 12:00 AM but I don't see anything new, So I was just kinda wondering that :P

  2. What about the big surprise?

  3. *sigh* Yet another promo item I can not get. BUT I LOVE THAT COUCH, GIMMIE! XDDD

    Ehhh, the binoculars are whatever. I personally they are pretty meh. XD

    1. Same here! That couch is awesome!

    2. Agreed... to be honest, the binoculars are meh compared to the cute snow leopard slippers.


  4. Happy Sunday! XD

  5. For some reason that couch reminds me of webkinz when I used to play itXD Yeah, those gold binoculars could just be a rim...

    1. I used to play Webkinz. But that phase gradually fizzled out when Club Penguin Rewritten came along.

  6. :O That couch................... yummy........................ -licks lips- Mine!!!!! -Dives for couch and misses- Nuuuu!!!!!! Gimme!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -bites a bit of the couch- Yum!!! :P


    P.S Sorry, I'm a bit of a candy fan........ hehe....... :P

  7. They could've added sparkles or something to make the binoculars unique


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