Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Exclusive Spring Items: Spring Glove + Spring Baby Bonnet

Today's exclusive items that are for sale in the Diamond Shop are the spring glove and spring baby bonnet. While I do love gloves, I'm honestly not too impressed with the design of this one.

It looks almost exactly the same as the original green glove, as shown here...

See what I mean?

And don't even get me started on the baby bonnet... yeesh!

However, when you preview the spring glove, it turns into an odd pale yellow with a hint of green, kind of like how the freedom glove mixes up its colors.

Weird, huh? I suppose if the glove stays this way, then perhaps it's not as bad as I thought.

What are your opinions on today's exclusive spring items?

1,000 Accessory Slots for Members

My Most Nostalgic AJMV's

Hi Jammers! Welcome to the AJW!

When you first joined Animal Jam, I can almost guarantee you there's at least one or two AJMV's out there that brings back some significant memories of your early years of AJ. Well, I for one have quite a few of these nostalgic music videos, and I thought it would be fun to share what they are! If you remember any of these videos, let me know in the comments, and tell me what videos are special to you and your journey as a Jammer.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Exclusive Spring Items: Spring Worn + Spring Lace Bow



International Polar Bear Day 2017

Happy International Polar Bear Day! To celebrate the day of the species of the polar bear, today I am going to be fishing out some fun facts about polar bears. Enjoy!

- Polar bears have black skin.
- Although their fur appears white, it is actually transparent.
- Seals make up most of a polar bear's diet.
- Polar bears can detect seals from nearly a mile away thanks to their amazing sense of smell.
- Female polar bears weigh only half as much as male polar bears.
- A 10 cm thick layer of blubber under the skin keeps polar bears warm.
- Contrary to popular belief, polar bears do not eat penguins, as penguins live in the Antarctic and polar bears live in the Arctic.
- The polar bear is the largest member of the bear family.
- Their paws are large and wide with slightly webbed toes to help them swim.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Julian2 Drama

Hey Jammers! I hope you guys are having a fantastic day today. March is nearly here, which means the blog will be getting a fresh, new look soon.

Now, assuming you've all read the title, today we're going to be discussing the recent drama in the Animal Jam community that has caused a LOT of people to just... well, blow up, I guess.

I don't normally post about drama on this blog because I want to keep the AJW a nice and positive environment, but this series of events is too huge not to talk about.

Basically, if you haven't heard already, Julian2 made this post on his Instagram several nights ago. (The screenshot belongs to jammershade, an AJ Instagram account.)

Not too long ago, Julian2 made a video about AJ WikiHow tutorials and jokingly tested them. One of the tutorials was very inappropriate, but Julian tested it out anyway. Because of his behavior, his account received a two week-long suspension.

Julian apologized for his actions numerous times, but he feels that AJHQ does not want him apart of the community anymore for his mistake. They removed him from a YouTuber group chat and even took him off of the Animal Jam YouTube channel banner that features other famous Jammers, or "Jambassadors", on it, including Aparri, WisteriaMoon, and more.

As a result of this, Julian was uncertain whether or not he wanted to continue making videos about a game that clearly wanted nothing to do with him anymore. However, after a lot of devastated fans crying in agony for the loss of their beloved ''king bean'' and controversy, Kate, the Community Manager from AJHQ, made a statement.

So, Julian is no longer considered a Jambassador because of what he did, but he is still allowed to play and make videos about Animal Jam as soon as his suspension is lifted.

The next morning, Julian brought his fans some good news.

It turns out that Julian will be staying in the community after all! Hooray!

Even though Julian is technically still permitted to be involved in the community, there are still a bunch of people who are upset.

The question is, what do you think? Should AJHQ be merciful towards Julian and give him a second chance, or did they do the right thing by sort of ''closing him off''? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading. Remember, always follow the Animal Jam rules, even if others around you are not. It's just the right thing to do!

Happy jamming!

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rare Feathered Mask + Exclusive Spring Items: Spring Mask + Spring Double Ribbon Bow

Hey Jammers! It's the second day of the exclusive spring item wave that will be continuing for four more days (I believe). Today only, you can purchase a spring mask or a spring double ribbon bow in the Diamond Shop for three diamonds each!

What's interesting about the bow item is that it's actually not a back item like the Jamaaliday bow. It's a head item! And, for some reason, it kind of reminds me of what the Jamaaliday bows used to look like...

Image result for animal jam jamaaliday bows 2011

Do you guys see the resemblance? :)

Oh, and one more thing - remember how in last week's Jamaa Journal, AJHQ said that there would be a rare item for sale for only one day during the next week or so? Well, that item is here today, and it's a really cool feathered mask for 3,000 tickets.

I also really enjoy this item. I can't wait to experiment with it on different animals!

Thanks for reading everybody! Happy jamming!

EVEN MORE Unreleased AJ Toy Pictures

All of the pictures below were discovered by talloose! 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Exclusive Spring Items: Spring Flower Braid + Spring Elf Tail Armor

Hey Jammers! I hope you're all having a great day!

Ooh... a double post today? What in Jamaa could this mean?

Well, just recently AJHQ released a very, VERY small surprise update for us! Take a look:

Now that spring is on its way, for about a week or so, the Diamond Shop will be selling two special spring-themed items every single day, one being a spring version of a popular item (such as a spiked collar, I'm assuming) and one completely NEW item. Here are today's spring-themed items:

I really like them! What about you guys? :D

Hold on a minute... do my eyes deceive me!?



The more gloves, the merrier, am I right? :P Hehe!

Thanks for reading! If you haven't already, go check out today's other post to see some cool pictures of upcoming AJ toys!

Animal Jam Unreleased Toy Pictures from the New York Toy Fair

Hi Jammers! Recently, Clark Stacey, the CEO of Animal Jam, went to the New York Toy Fair, and posted a bunch of pictures on his Instagram account of possible upcoming Animal Jam toys that may hit the markets sooner or later! After taking a look at these photos, tell me what toy you're most excited for!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Viewer Appreciation Post

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my viewers and how much they mean to me. And with all of the friendship festivities coming to a close, what better way to end the celebration with a solid, good ol' viewer appreciation post? :)

I just wanted to take the time and say thank you to everyone who views and comments on this blog. I'll now name off a few people who I am especially grateful for (in no particular order).

cuddly6342 (Nafaria8)
Cosmic Cheetah
Awesomecutesmiles AJ
Chanel Gift
Flora Cutegirl


Wow... I only meant to name off a few, but I guess I got a little carried away by each of you guys' awesomeness!

Once again, thanks for being such great Whippers. ^.^

Signing off...


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Nature Archways

For whatever reason, AJHQ released a brand new set of nature archways in the Diamond Shop for three diamonds each! They'll only be here for six days, so be sure to get them as soon as you can. My personal favorite is... well, I actually don't have a favorite! I think they're all super cool. There's a Coral Canyons one, a Mt. Shiveer one, a Phantom Badlands one, and a similar version of the original green one that I believe is a Temple of Zios one. Pretty neat, huh? :D

THE SCISSORS ARE GONE + Monkey Expressions

Hey Jammers! Welcome back to the Animal Jam Whip! How are you all doing? ^.^

Well, today I have some interesting news to share.

About a month ago, I made a post about the evolution of the medical center and how it has changed over the years. At the end of the post, I included a rather spooky fun fact about the modern version of Gabby's Animal Hospital: there is a pair of giant scissors laying on the bed.

But just recently, AJHQ got rid of these scissors and replaced them with this weird silver sharp thingy...

They must have finally realized that maybe, just maybe, a giant pair of razor-sharp scissors COULD be potentially dangerous. :P

I'm not exactly sure what that other item is, though. Whatever it is, perhaps it could just be as equally harmful!

Another cool thing I discovered was that the green monkey in one of the Friendship Festival loading screens sometimes changes expressions every now and then! For example:

I don't think anyone has ever pointed this out before, which makes it even more neat! :)

That's all I have on the agenda for today. Remember to keep whipping and play wild!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Batman Outfit + Fan Art

Hi Jammers! About a week ago I went to go see the Lego Batman Movie, and I loved it! :) So, for today's post, I thought I would show you how you can make your very own Batman outfit. Here we go!

Created by nafaria9

Bat Mask
Camouflage Boots

Now that you know how to dress up like the Dark Knight, check out this awesome fan art that my friend Cheetah drew for me!

Thank you so much, Cheetah! ^.^

But that's not all! Crazycece27 also gave me some beautiful fan art, too!

I love it! Thank you very much!

That's the whip for today! Bye Jammers!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Animal Jam Duvet Set

Hey guys! If you read yesterday's post, you may have noticed that I said I was going to post about even MORE new Animal Jam merchandise to come soon, and so now I will be fulfilling that promise! ^-^

After doing some research about the seal figurine, I stumbled upon an Animal Jam duvet set for a single bed that, like the seal toy, can only be pre-ordered from the UK version of the Amazon website.

Doesn't it look awesome!? :D I wonder if it even comes with that snazzy pillow as well...

Anyway, this item is set to be released on March 17th, 2017. The sad part is that it doesn't ship to the United States from the UK website. Oh well!

Before I end today's discussion, look at this funny picture I found on Google+:


Haha! Very sorry to say, but it's true. :P

That's the whip! Goodbye!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Magenta Spikes

Magenta spikes are available for members only in the Diamond Shop for three diamonds apiece today only. A lot of Jammers are disappointed with it, saying that these items will destroy the rarity system and the value of the original glitched magenta spikes. Some are thrilled to have their very own magenta spike, real or fake. The question here is, what is YOUR opinion? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

First Look at a New AJ Figurine

Hello, and welcome to the Animal Jam Whip!

My dear friend AJKraft discovered some information about a new Animal Jam toy that, as of now, is only available on the UK version of the Amazon website (which you can access by clicking on the picture below)!

Here's what it looks like...

It's a seal figurine! This jazzy arctic animal comes with a pair of orange butterfly wings, a purple hat, a yellow bow, and an adorable polar bear pet.

We're not entirely sure if this toy will become available for customers in the United States or anywhere else yet; we'll keep on researching.

But that's not all that will be coming to this line of Animal Jam merchandise! Stay tuned for tomorrow's post for more information. ;)

Bye Jammers!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Rainbow Spikes

Rainbow spikes are available for members only in the Diamond Shop for just three diamonds each! Hurry and get them while you can, because tomorrow they'll be gone for good!

Secret Item in Fantasy Castle Den

Hi everyone! ^-^ Happy Friday! Today, I'm going to be showing you how to get a secret item for your den.

If you go to AJHQ's Fantasy Castle den found at the very top of the Epic Dens list, walk around until you see an ''unreleased'' wooden seesaw item. It's in the leftmost bottom corner of the den, by the way. Click on it, and a secret shop will pop up. From there you can purchase the seesaw for 500 gems!

And the best part is, it's for all Jammers! :D

Thanks for reading today's post. Bye guys!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Jamaa Journal VOL. 192: Spike Sale

Hi Jammers! Today is an UPDATE DAY! :D Let's see what this update has in store for us.

This weekend only, members can purchase a new type of recolored spike collar/wristband from the Diamond Shop for just three diamonds each. Today, the spikes are completely black.

Can you believe how many different versions of spikes there are in AJ? I suppose none of them will ever match up to the popularity of the real ones.

Llamas are finally back, with a new minibook in the Chamber of Knowledge, too! Unfortunately, there is no quiz for this minibook, since it was one of the first minibooks to be released. :( Quizzes didn't start showing up until later on.

Pet hyenas are here! Aww! How cute! ^.^

I'll be sure to pick one of these babies up as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, there's a fancy new set of armor available. I can't wait to try and collect the whole set and use it to my advantage during adventures!

The fourth page of this Jamaa Journal is just an advertisement that shows what new privileges members have access to.

The Summer Carnival is back in Jamaa for two weeks, so get all of the summery items that you can before the nasty, cold winter returns.

International Polar Bear day is coming up! Eeeep! :D You guys know how much I LOVE polar bears. Fun fact: International Polar Bear is actually on my little sister's birthday, February 27th!

Also, we have some exciting news... a new animal is rumored to come to Jamaa! The newspaper mentions some hints scattered around as to what this new animal may be, and I believe I've found them.

There are two sets of footprints hidden in Jamaa. One set is located in Mt. Shiveer, and the other can be found in Sarepia Forest. They kind of look like bear paw prints to me. What do you think they could be?

Check out some cool bird facts by clicking on the banners around Jamaa!

The Friendship Festival is now over, sadly, but you still have a little longer to pick up all of those friendship items you might need. There is also a new exhibit in the Conservation Museum to view.

The final page is just another advertisement for a gift bundle that comes with a membership gift card.

That's all for today everybody! Thanks for reading. How would YOU rate this update?