Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fan Art from akmlynx + Cosmo Valentine's Day Card

Thank you for this beautiful masterpiece, akmlynx! I love all of the vibrant shades of blue and purple! :)

Also, on the topic of masterpieces, here's my entry for the Alpha Valentine's Day card contest on the Daily Explorer...

I tried. :P


  1. I love what you did with his name there haha.
    Oh, I'm doing pretty great, actually, and returning to blogging daily instead of just Sundays haha. Either way, congrats on those views, Naffy!
    I think I might be able to come to the party. It's on a Saturday, though, and I might have music camp...

  2. Thanks for making a post about the masterpiece Naffy. I like your entry because I'm really into Cosmos a Space Odyssey, I'm such a nerd :P -akmlynx


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