Saturday, February 18, 2017

Magenta Spikes

Magenta spikes are available for members only in the Diamond Shop for three diamonds apiece today only. A lot of Jammers are disappointed with it, saying that these items will destroy the rarity system and the value of the original glitched magenta spikes. Some are thrilled to have their very own magenta spike, real or fake. The question here is, what is YOUR opinion? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. The one thing that's bugged me when spikes came out in the diamond shop was the way people reacted they looked really cool but everyone was panicking because they thought "omg my rarest item was releast in stores" a lot of people only seem to care if an item is rare or not like when headresses were in stores people didn't really care until they became rare (hey that rhymed) if necklaces became rare people are probably gonna all of a sudden want them and trade anything for them but if headresses came back in stores people are prob gonna stop wearing them but honestly this is just my opinion things might change soon


    1. I know right! people never really saw any value in any of the monthly member gifts, nor the den betas. Untill, a few years ago when the items were no longer distributed to jammers. These items will probably create scams, too

  2. These are my favourites so far, as magenta is my favourite colour. Too bad they're going to be ridiculously overused and overrated like all magenta items... At least it shows that AJHQ isn't afraid to release these glitched items.


  3. I can't be on today so could someone please buy me a magenta long? I'd be happy to buy an item of your choice that doesn't exceed 3 diamonds in return (it can also cost gems).-akmlynx :) :D :P

  4. I'm so angry at AJHQ! They should not release already released items with just a different badge! Its confising!!!!!!!!!STOP AJHQ!!!! MAgenta is known as the rare and glitched color and releasing it just makes all the originals less interesting


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