Sunday, February 12, 2017

AJ Amino App

Hey Jammers! Some of you can already tell what this post is going to be about, and you're also probably thinking, ''wow, this post is so overdue.'' Well, you're right! It is overdue, but I decided just to post about it anyways since I haven't already. Hopefully this post will be somewhat useful for you guys. :)

So, what is AJ Amino? It's basically a community-run social media app that allows Animal Jam users to interact with another in a fun and safe way.

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According to the app's description, you can:

- Chat with other players and make new friends
- Vote on your favorite parts of the game (which I assume means polls and surveys on AJ-related topics)
- Get the latest news and updates
- Share your strategies and skills with others (which I assume means posting art/looks/selfies and just AJ pictures in general)
- Learn from and contribute to the Jamaa catalog (an encyclopedia of all things Animal Jam)

Another cool thing is that there are smaller communities inside the main community, such as an art community for example. You can also earn REP points for being an active member of a community.

And one more thing - the app is free to download!

There you have it folks. If you have an questions about AJ Amino, don't hesitate to ask.



  1. I have it, I'm on level 9 and have a 2+wèek check in streak.

  2. Do you have an Amino, Naffy? I'd love to keep in touch with you, since I am on there every day! ^-^
    (Boy, haven't commented in a while. How's everybody?)

    1. I don't, but if I ever got one I would love to chat with you on there! And it's nice to see you commenting again. I'm doing well, how are you? :)

    2. Heh, I'm doing fine. It's just that I don't have time because of school and I'd really like to start blogging full-time again in the summer, it's what I like to do and I don't feel like Cosmic without it :').

  3. I cant play it, don't have a phone DX So yeah XD Do you have it?

  4. Hey, I really need a Giant Fox Plushie. I want to use it in a plushie comic. They aren't beta, like everyone says. So if anyone has an unwanted one, my user is zuzu1199 and I'd love to trade!

    P.S. Does anyone know any good art galleries OTHER than snowyclaw's and Nymphaeaalba's?

    1. Septembercattledog!

    2. Can't help ya on the Fox Plushie, (don't have one) but I do know many epic galleries like Anjulfire's, Custard709 (or is it Custard907 oh my goodness I can't even remember though I see her practically every time I get on AJ although I think it's '709)'s, and Graciepopstar91's.... and of course Windcityblues's, and Artymis's, and Fruitsbasket11223's, and - and.... XD I am SUCH an art nut!

      There's a ZILLION incredible artists and tasteful collectors out there! I'm afraid I don't have the space in my day, but I think it'd be an amazing resource to have an Animal Jam art magazine, or some sort of site dedicated to keeping up with that segment of the community, like currently-being-updated galleries and who's-who and who's-done what and new techniques and tips and tricks and WOW my brain's going to a million different places don't tell me that cup of coffee's finally caught up with me... now?? ):/ I'll never get to sleep tonight! Ugh.

      I TOTALLY have to get on AJ Amino and see how this thing works! Maybe I can drum up popularity and get Jammers to contribute to the currently-in-the-brainstorming-stage website! It'd have to not be a blog if many Jammers were gonna contribute... *thinks* help me out with this, guys! :D Please?



  5. I don't think this was overdue, I have never heard of AJ Amino nor Amino. And I really don't care, because I don't have a phone. :P Oh well, gonna have to wait 3 more years till I get a phone.

  6. Never heard of it..... Thanks Naffy! Very interesting.....


  7. Hm, so that's what it was. Thought it was a general term for an AJ social media account. Also, I still remember you. Too bad I never see you anymore.


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