Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Julian2 Drama

Hey Jammers! I hope you guys are having a fantastic day today. March is nearly here, which means the blog will be getting a fresh, new look soon.

Now, assuming you've all read the title, today we're going to be discussing the recent drama in the Animal Jam community that has caused a LOT of people to just... well, blow up, I guess.

I don't normally post about drama on this blog because I want to keep the AJW a nice and positive environment, but this series of events is too huge not to talk about.

Basically, if you haven't heard already, Julian2 made this post on his Instagram several nights ago. (The screenshot belongs to jammershade, an AJ Instagram account.)

Not too long ago, Julian2 made a video about AJ WikiHow tutorials and jokingly tested them. One of the tutorials was very inappropriate, but Julian tested it out anyway. Because of his behavior, his account received a two week-long suspension.

Julian apologized for his actions numerous times, but he feels that AJHQ does not want him apart of the community anymore for his mistake. They removed him from a YouTuber group chat and even took him off of the Animal Jam YouTube channel banner that features other famous Jammers, or "Jambassadors", on it, including Aparri, WisteriaMoon, and more.

As a result of this, Julian was uncertain whether or not he wanted to continue making videos about a game that clearly wanted nothing to do with him anymore. However, after a lot of devastated fans crying in agony for the loss of their beloved ''king bean'' and controversy, Kate, the Community Manager from AJHQ, made a statement.

So, Julian is no longer considered a Jambassador because of what he did, but he is still allowed to play and make videos about Animal Jam as soon as his suspension is lifted.

The next morning, Julian brought his fans some good news.

It turns out that Julian will be staying in the community after all! Hooray!

Even though Julian is technically still permitted to be involved in the community, there are still a bunch of people who are upset.

The question is, what do you think? Should AJHQ be merciful towards Julian and give him a second chance, or did they do the right thing by sort of ''closing him off''? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading. Remember, always follow the Animal Jam rules, even if others around you are not. It's just the right thing to do!

Happy jamming!

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    1. I think They are all acting like little kids. One's being disincluded, while the other is crying about it. Just forgive and FORGET, everyone.

  2. To be honest, I think AJHQ over reacted a tiny bit cause honestly, Julian didn't mean to get suspended it was probably just a mistake and everyone makes mistakes. But also I think Julian over reacted too when he decided to quit YouTube and leave AJ, like they never said he couldn't keep making videos or playing AJ. Like seriously. Then he decides to stay..

    1. He probaly wanted to quit because it is sorta like he was advertising for a game. Ajhq disrepsected him and gave him shade. I wouldn't want to make there game look good either.

  3. I've been an avid Julian2 fan from June 2016. I've sorta taken the backseat on this issue, because I don't want to blurt out wrong/ incorrect info. Its sorta disappointing that he doesn't knows in the moment whats wrong or right. At least he addressed the issue. I'm on the fence about giving him a second chance, especially after the Skorm issue, and how we didn't give him a second chance. He probably shouldn't be permanently be banned, probably because his actions weren't as severe as selling items

  4. I feel that AJHQ was being harsh, because Julian pointed out that THEY had made a mistake. Now, he shouldn't have made the video public, but he apologized.

  5. I think AJHQ did the right thing, It doesn't matter if you famous, you still have to obey the animal jam rules, and its best he got suspended like anyone else would, and you should always obey the rules no matter what the cause is, which he should of kept in mind. and it was against the rules so it was the most appropriate thing to do, and its best they removed him from there youtube thingy so then once he is back to playing AJ and making videos, AJHQ can see what he does and see if they can trust him again and once they do, "if they do" he'll be back on track like nothing happened.

  6. Honestly, I think AJHQ made the right call. A 2-week suspension for him to learn his lesson is pretty reasonable. "Famous" jammers shouldn't get special privileges just because they inadvertently advertise AJ through their videos. AJHQ knows younger kids also watch Julian2's videos, so taking him off of their Jambassador banner was just protocol in case parents get angry if it seems like the game their kid plays condones Julian2's actions. It was a clear rule breach, so it only makes sense to suspend him for a few weeks.

    It's not like Julian2 is an AJHQ member. It's not like he's any higher up than everyday Jammers. He broke the rules, so like anyone who broke the rules, he should get a suspension to learn his lesson. It's only fair!

    It's only protocol to remove him from the banner and group chat because when Jammers are put there, AJHQ is technically using them as advertisement. If they use someone who broke the rules for whatever reason as an advertisement, it sends the wrong message to Jammers and parents alike.


    1. I totally agree with you doomypanda! :D

    2. Now, i'd love to see what you have to say about the whole "Aparri selling spikes" issue, because... he made a mistake just as Julian did. Though, he came off without any sort of punishment? I think that is pretty screwed up.

    3. Thank you!!!!!!!! Exactly what I was thinking. AJHQ seems to give Aparri a lot of "special attention" compared to other famous jammers. You said just what I was thinking EverlastingStorm!

    4. Thank you! It's so true. Aparri gets all this " special attention" from AJHQ compared to other famous jammers! You said just what I was thinking EverlastingStorm!

  7. Im on AJHQ side! Julian2 obviously knew what he did wrong, so why'd he do it? Overeact much buddy? All AJHQ was doing was suspending him to teach a lesson.


  8. I enjoy this blog. Thanks for the information and I'll read more!

  9. I don't know... I see two sides to this problem. Animal Jam was wrong to get rid of every single trace of him, but then again,,,, it was kindof ok. He made a bad video that was not sutible to the game, so he deserved to be punished. But closing someone off is never ok no matter what they did, soooo umm.

  10. In my opinion, I think AJHQ did the right thing. It doesn't mean that he is a Jambassador, he can do anything he wants. It's just the same thing as laws: Being a citizen of a certain country such as USA doesn't get you a get-out-of-jail-free-key in another country. Both visitors and citizens, whether the most important person in the government or the lowest employee in your tiny company, you have to obey the rules.


    P.S Not meant to offend anyone in anyway, I'm just expressing my opinions in the best friendly way I can. Feel free to delete this comment Naffy if you don't like it.

  11. I'm personally on Julian's side. Other jammers have done much worse things (eg Lilac and Twinkle deleted Julian's youtube in 2014, Aparri hacked, etc etc) and are still Jambassadors. He pointed out a fault in their game. They overreacted by removing him from their banner and the group chat, but he did deserve the suspension, as the video WAS inappropriate.

    I bet if it was Aparri or Snowyclaw, AJHQ wouldn't give a fadoodling fish.



  12. This is kinda like when skorm got banned exept in my opinion he was worse (skorm not Julian) when julian made a vid about it he said it was good that even though aj youtubers promoted the game ajhq was able to treat them like a normal person i think ajhq should just keep him out of the chatand the banner for a while until his suspension is lifted and if this happens again it should be permanent i'm really glad he said he would still be making videos and he didn't get banned


  13. Not again... T.T What is with animal jam and drama?

  14. I know that so many people have commented about this already, but I wanted to add that there has been an update on this situation. Julian2 recently posted a video that animal jam themselves had posted a video in which explicit content was revealed. One of the files that was shown in their livestream had the title: S***balls. I prefer to censor the word because kids play animal jam. Anyways, animal jam deleted the video and nothing else was done while they banned Julian2 for several weeks, removed him from the animal jam banner and his title of Jambassador, excluded him from vidcon, and ignored his apologies. Animal Jam did not even address the situation while Julian2 had tried his best to resolve it as fairly as possible. I really question Animal Jam's punishment policies. That wasn't fair at all.

  15. I believe at is important for AJHQ to follow their rules and enforce them correctly. The only problem is they haven't been enforceung their rules on everyone. Julian made a mistake he learned from it, but some famous jammers (Appari) have been selling items or doing other things that are wrong and they haven the been addressed or handled properly or fairly. Sure they banned SLorm, but they are giving certain jammers leeway that no on either should get. If animal jam is going to enforce rules on one jammer they need to do it to all. If you create rules follow them. Anyways that's just my opinion

  16. its 2019 and im still salty about this-
    yes he does deserve to have some sort of punishment for that but to be completely cut off, without explanation, being ignored, no more contact with AJHQ, thats pretty dumb! He was one of the original animal jam youtubers, and has been dedicated to making videos for AJ for so long and he's now just left in the dark no matter how much he tries to make it right. It's kind of sad, really! No wonder he lost passion and interest in the AJ community. If AJHQ is gonna be like that, what's the point? He feels like AJHQ just doesn't care about him anymore even though he's been helping them and making videos and things for their community for so long, only to be completely disregarded for doing one thing wrong.


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