Friday, February 17, 2017

Rainbow Spikes

Rainbow spikes are available for members only in the Diamond Shop for just three diamonds each! Hurry and get them while you can, because tomorrow they'll be gone for good!


  1. These look really cool but i wish at least one spiked coller was also for nms maybe a sea foam color spike would be cool i have a pink spike on play wild and even though spikes aren't rare in that game anymore i still think they are cool items


    1. Yeah, wouldn't it be nice if there was an NM version of a spike?

    2. Ikr! Those would be so rare O.O

  2. Tbh I don't really like them XD. so I'm saving today's diamonds for tomorrow's spike.
    I wonder what tomorrow's color will be? O:

    1. Hmm... I guess we won't find out until tomorrow!

  3. I find these really ugly. Today's spike is a magenta spike which is even uglier. I did like the blackout spike though, hope Monday's is a whiteout.


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