Animal Jam is a safe and educational online playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors. Players can become and customize their favorite animal character, decorate dens, chat with buddies, adopt pets, play fun games, team up for adventures, and feed their curiosity and knowledge of the natural world around them.

Animal Jam is partnered with National Geographic to bring the educational aspects of the game to life. Players can watch educational videos, learn about animal conservation, collect fun facts, and even interact with real scientists like herpetologist Dr. Brady Barr and marine biologist Dr. Tierney Thys.

Animal Jam's goal is to provide a fun, exciting, safe experience for children while also inspiring them to develop a love for the outside world. Kids will love Animal Jam, and parents will, too!

Information collected from the Animal Jam Help Center and the Animal Jam - About Us! page.


Welcome To The..The Animal Jam Whip is a fan-based blog all about Animal Jam. Created in 2012, you can find all sorts of information about the game, like tips and tricks, secrets of the game, codes, outfit ideas, den designs, stories, glitches, graphics, comics, activities, and so much more!

If you have any questions or concerns about the Whip, feel free to email me (nafaria9) at nafariaaj@gmail.com, or simply leave a comment on any of the posts or pages. Keep on whippin'!


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