Monday, February 29, 2016

Fun Facts about Leap Year + Cami's Frog Info

HAPPY LEAP YEAR 2016! ^.^ Here are some cool fun facts about February 29th that you NEVER (joking, joking, but hey, you might not know some!) knew!

1. People born on Leap Year are known as "leaplings" or "leapers".

2. Astrologers believe people whom are born on Leap Year under the Zodiac sign of Pisces have unusual talents and abilities, such as burping the alphabet.

3. In Greece, it is considered bad luck to be born on Leap Year.

4. U.S. Presidential Elections and the Summer Olympics are both held every four years and occur in the Leap Year.

5. It was the ancient Egyptians who first discovered that the solar calendar and the man-made calendar didn't always match up.

6. The chances of a baby being born on Leap Year is one in 1,461.

In other news, just in case you were wondering, the brand of Cami's IRL frog plush is Pottery Barn Kids, a store in SLC. I've been there numerous times. ^.^ Froggy is also an 18" plush and made of chamois. Cool, huh? :)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Animal Jam Improvement Idea: Birthday Cards

Hi! ^_^

As you all know, yesterday was my little sister's birthday party. All of this commotion about birthdays and presents and cake and what not has really got me thinking about how AJHQ could improve their game. Sounds... abnormal. o3o

But believe it or not, it will all make sense soon.

I suppose I could tell you a little story.

When I first joined AJ, I wasn't too bright. I didn't know much about the game. In fact, my first rare I ever acquired (which was a purple glove) I had no clue that it was rare until my friend told me.

Basically, I expected everything from AJ that I did from Webkinz, another fun game that I played.

Every year on your birthday, you get a birthday card in your mailbox, along with a wish token, I believe. So on the day of my birthday, I logged onto AJ, anxious to find a birthday card and maybe a prize or two in my mailbox, but that wasn't the case.

So, I think it would be fun if every year on your birthday you received a card and a present from AJHQ! :)

That way, everyone would feel loved on their birthdays. xD

What do you think of this idea? Comment your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section down below! c:

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Polar Bear Compilation ^.^


Happy Birthday, dolphin91051!

Hello there! :)

I'm going to start this post off with a little something I overheard the other day.

Ohhh-kayyy... owo

For those of you who don't know me that well, my little sister's birthday is today! Her username is dolphin91051, and I bet she would really appreciate it if you bombarded her with happy birthday JAGS. xD

Also, happy international POLAR BEAR DAY! :D

Here's another party reminder for ya. I hope you all can make it this time! ^.^

That's all I have for you today. Have a great weekend! c:

Friday, February 26, 2016

Fashion Show Voting Day #14: THE FINAL WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Hello! :)

I am thrilled to announce the winners of the Friendship Festival Fashion Show.

I'm sure you already know who our third place winner is - Happy Magicpuppy! ^-^ Congratulations once again, Happy. c:

In second place, we have Precious Cuteraccoon! Congratulations! :D Precious, I forgot your username. xD I know it starts with "cheetah", but I can't remember the rest. Mind commenting your user down below so I can send you your prizes?

And in first place, we have General Strongwolf! Congratulations, General! Your prizes have been sent and are awaiting you in your mailbox. :3

This was such a fun contest! There will definitely be more fashion shows in the future, so if you didn't win this time, maybe next time you will! Bye!

Introverts (and Extroverts)

I've finally discovered what stereotype group I belong in.

Yes, you can call me an introvert.

There are two kinds of "verts": extroverts and introverts.

Extroverts typically don't think before they speak, they're uncontrollably happy, they're outgoing (and sometimes rather obnoxious), they make friends easily, and they love to meet new people and socialize. They also love to be the center of attention.

Introverts, on the other hand, enjoy solitude and privacy and think more than what comes out of their mouths. Introverts tend to have greater intellect and creativity than extroverts.

Everyone that I know seems to have given me the label "shy" or "quiet" or "anti-social". Deep down inside, I've always known that wasn't true, or at least it wasn't the right definition.

Now I know what I am. I'm an introvert. I'm an introvert and I'm proud.

I often notice what most people don't. I'm very observant and a good listener, unlike my brother, who, now that I think about it, is probably an extrovert, as well as my sister.

Which kind of "vert" are you? :3

(Mom needs to work on these. owo)

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fashion Show Voting Day #13: ONE ELIMINATION

Happy Magicpuppy is our third place winner! :) Congratulations, cyacheer! You can find a globe, a raccoon tail, and a phantom cage in your mailbox.

It's time for the battle for first place and second place... whoever gets voted out this round will win:

Whoever doesn't get voted out this round will win the grand prize:

Good luck to General and Precious! c:

525K Views + Party Invitation

Yahoo! We made it to 525,000 views! :o It seems like yesterday we were just barely hitting the 500,000 views mark, and now we're almost halfway to 600,000! Yay! :D

Thank you guys SO much for this accomplishment. I don't know what I would to do without you! You are all so supportive and kind, generous and thoughtful... oh, it makes me so happy. ^.^

I promised you guys I would host a party, so here's an invitation for that. :)

I hope you all can make it!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fashion Show Voting Day #12: ONE ELIMINATION

Yay! :D The day has finally come for our third place winner in the Friendship Festival Fashion Show to be chosen! Whoever gets voted out this round will receive...

Good luck! ^-^


HRC in Iowa APR 2015.jpg

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fashion Show Voting Day #11: ONE ELIMINATION

Before I get started with the eleventh round of the fashion show, I would just like to give you all a huge virtual hug. :3 You guys are so supportive, and I don't know what I would do without you!

There are only four contestants left in the fashion show. O.O Time flies, doesn't it? Just one more round until we can choose a third place winner! ^-^ Good luck to those who are remaining!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Even More Bad News...

Our desktop computer is officially dead. Dad took it in to the computer guy to see what was wrong with it, and we didn't exactly get the answer we wanted.

So, that means all of our pictures and videos of our family, including many more documents and files  is GONE. I'm especially disappointed because of all the stories I had ever written were on that computer.

The only way we can restore the information is by paying $1,500. And we need a new desktop computer, so that's another $3,000.

I never realized how much I needed the desktop computer until now.

To make matters worse, I'm getting braces on tomorrow.

I just feel like crying a river, building a boat, and sailing it away from reality.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Badges and Polar Bear Graphics

Fashion Show Voting Day #10: ONE ELIMINATION

There are only 4 contestants remaining in the fashion show! That means after this round, prizes will start being handed out. Good luck!


Hi! ^-^

You might not know this already, but I'm from Arizona.

I lived there for the first four years of my life. Then we moved to Utah.

And here in Utah, we pronounce things differently than other Americans do.

So, if you've ever wanted to learn how to talk like a Naffy Taffy, here's how! xD


Yep. We often skip the T in mountain.


Same thing with button.


My mom is always asking me how to pronounce sherbet correctly. I tell her it's "sherbet", but she doesn't believe me, so we both go back to saying "sherbert".


Speaking of which, I need to go take my daily dose.


That was "perdictable".


I swam "acrosst" the river, so I "crosst" the river. Get it? No? Okay.


My grandma is a real sucker for this one. Every time she tries to say the word creek it comes out as "crik". :I


Another word my grandma needs to practice.


Yet ANOTHER word on my grandma's list of vocabulary to work on.


"Mooommm! I wanna go to the LIEBARRY!!!"


I am the only person who feels like this is mispronounced outside of Utah as well, or am I just crazy?


Blech. Coffee.


You're free, little fishy!

That's all of the words I can think of for now. Let me know how YOU pronounce these words!

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!